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Changsoo Eun

animBoost is a set of maxscript that boost viewport performance for animated mesh.

Recently I found out that 3ds max still evaluates an object's modifier stack even though the object is hidden. I always assume that's not the case. For a non-animated object, this is not a problem, since 3ds max internally caches the final result of modifiers stack. But, if a hidden object is deforming over time, 3ds max wastes a lot of resources for this invisible object. For example, a typical character rig would have a low res proxy for faster playback. But, it becomes useless, since skinned hi-res mesh will be calculated anyway.

animBoost is an workaround for this problem. animBoost keeps monitoring scene and selectively turns on/off modifier when object is unhidden/hidden.

v0.8 Update
bugfix - If you turn on/off with Layer, eveything is OK. But, when you hide/unhide each nodes, animBoost forgot to turn on Mesher/SuperMesher/XMesh. This has been fixed.

v0.7 Update
Support SuperMesher
Support Frost
Support Mesher

Additional Info: 

How to install

Download zip file. You will see two folders(Scripts/UI) after unzip the file. You need to copy those two folders into your 3ds max's Scripts/UI folder.

How to use

Launch 3ds max. "Go to Customize User Interface". Select "animBoost" category. You wil have 3 new actions. Make buttons or assign shourcut.

"turn on animBoost" will show up as "animBoost_On" button. "turn off animBoost" will show up as "animBoost_Off" button. "animBoost manual mode" will show up as "animBoost_Manual" button.

Now all you need to do is click "animBoost_On" button. Now animBoost is monitoring your scene and invisibly turns on/off modifiers when you hide/unhide objects.


If you have a lot of modifier heavy objects, THERE WILL BE DELAY when you hide/unhide objects.

If you have any problems with this script, you can always click "animBoost_Off". Then animBoost will be removed from memory.

animBoost also support a "manual mode". Instead of using "animBoost_On", if you use "animBoost_Manual" button. You can run animBoost routine manually. If your system is really slow or you dont like the delay, you may use this.

Version Requirement: 
3ds max 2009+
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Max 2013 up6 all work fine

I am using it right nopw with max 2013 and it works fantastic. I use CAt and I hide my mesh by unticking the Geometry category and it plays in real time 24 fps. It was playing at 3fps before animboost. I wonder why max always want to calculate what's hidden...

noel_d3's picture

Bug fix is coming soon. Thank you for your work!

The problem persisted since 3ds max 2012 will be fixed in next updates (2012 Update 10 & 2013 UPD5). Thank you anyway for your great script and video that really helped us in the meantime!


kimarotta's picture

we tested here in the studio

we tested here in the studio in a very large scene and everything worked fine, any novelty give a feedback ...

3d Artist  

ravihara's picture


go to there he gives perfect instructions.

ravihara's picture

works perfect!

works perfect for me. ones who have installation problems with max 2013, go to author's website. there he have given a detailed description.

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A few thing..

Since all animBoost does is turn off modifier, it only works well when you have very heavy deforming modifier such as Skin or MeshSmooth.

If your rig is slow, animBoost does not do anything for that.

If you have any problems, I need more detailed description. If you send a sample file, that's better.

chakib's picture

Doesn't work in 2013

i did a test for a animation of a friend, it doesn't improve the speed at all in 2013 ( id din't test it in 2012 yet ), so what's wrong ? i did install the script and UI in the right places, so i don't understand why, please help !

rella111's picture

Well Done!!!

Very useful script!!! Cant wait to test it!!!

noel_d3's picture

Video summary of the bug

A video summary of the problem that has emerged since version 2012 :

logicoff's picture


I did as is in the instruction, but I can't find animBoost in Categories, what am I doing wrong? 3ds max 2012

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