Architecture to Standard Material Converter

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This macroscript converts Architectural materials to Standard materials for use with VR exporters that require this setup.

To install:
- Run the script using MaxScript -> Run Script or drag the attached .MCR macroscript into Max
- Customize -> Customize user interface -> Toolbar
- From the "# SmallpolyScripts" category, add Architecture Standard Converter

One of my next steps is to add in the now-fixed functionality of my Autodesk_Bitmap to Bitmap converter script, found as a general use stand-alone script here.

Category: "# SmallpolyScripts" ButtonText: "ArchStd" ToolTip: "Architecture Standard Converter"

Additional Info: 

----- Change Log -----
2018-02-02 - v1.00
- Now a macroscript. Minor UI Tweaks.

2018-01-26 - v0.9
- Used felixherder's input to fix the material instancing problem.
- Replacing alertbox based UI with actual rollout based UI
- Adding greater map support and filtering based on material type
- Fixed "acitecture" typo

2016-12-19 - v0.8
- Bugfix: Keeping the name should now work for multi-materials as well.

Version Requirement: 
Max 2012-2018 Or Higher
archtostdmat_v1.00.mcr12.25 KB


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Thank you for sharing! It's

Thank you for sharing! It's almost perfect, but there's one minor issue: it doesn't convert Autodesk bitmap to vanilla bitmap. Could it be fixed?
I found there is your additional script to cure this issue but it does nothing.

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Thank you very much!!!

This script is the best! I searched for hours looking for a way to convert Autodesk Materials to V-ray materials. It looked like the only way was spending €99 on Universal Material Converter, but instead I used your script and then v-ray scene converter!
Thanks again!

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Looking into it

Thanks for letting me know about this issue!

If you know which material is causing the script to get stuck, do you think you could you assign it to a box, save that to a new Max file and upload it here as an attachment? If you're up for it, this would help me verify that any changes I make will fix the issue.

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thank you your script. i am getting an error message "--unknown property: "generic color in default generic:Autodesk_generic"

i am using revit 2017 and 3ds max 2017 (64 bit)

see attached image.

material_converter_error.png 620.22 KB
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Update v0.8

Bugfix: Original names should stick around on all materials now.

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