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Stefan Twigt

The Autodesk Material Converter is a commercial script for all 3ds Max and 3ds Max Design users starting from release 2011 and up who need optimized materials for mental ray, V-Ray or VR applications. With one click all Autodesk Material Library materials are converted into Arch & Design or V-Ray materials. Conversion to Standard materials takes only two clicks

The major adavantage will be an increase in rendering speed (on average 35%) plus it will give you the flexibility you need for your material fine tuning. and of course you don't want to manually convert materials which are coming in from AutoCAD, Revit and Inventor into 3ds Max (Design)

Most VR applications need Standard materials to work with. The conversion to Standard works from Arch & Design or Vray materials

In addition to material conversion the script checks if there are double materials inside the scene. If they are there, they will be changed into instances, keeping the number of materials as low as can be.

New features in v2.5!

  • conversion from Arch&Design to V-Ray and's there!
  • conversion of all Autodesk maps
  • conversion of some V-Ray specific maps or MentalRay specific maps

NOTE: This is a commercial script, no demo version is available. Please visit script webpage for pricing, details & examples showing converted scenes.


Additional Info: 

This script has been replaced by the Universal Material Converter

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2011+


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We have, and the problem has been solved.

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why not do the bleedin' obvious...

click on the username 'sego'...then Contact ?

Stefan Twigt's picture

I want to help you

Hi Sego,

I have tested the email from our website, but it just works for me.
I checked the error message you send, and I can contact our webhost on monday to find out if they can find something.

if the emailaddress did not work, please let me know where I can contact you.
If I can trace an order back to you and if we indeed received money from you and you would like to cancel the deal, we will help with that.

Best regards,


sego's picture

Money Back

I purchased the script on your website. When I want to send you a message using your contact email, [email protected], here is the answer :


This message was created automatically by mail delivery software.

A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed:

[email protected]
SMTP error from remote mail server after end of data:
host []:
550 Sender contains invalid characters.

I asked paypal to contact you, but you don't answer. So I need my money back cause the project I was working on is done. I don't need you script 3 weeks after ordering it.
You don't see any order ? but paypal can see it clearly. Does Macrocad mean anything to you ?

Stefan Twigt's picture


Hi Sego, the AMC script is obsolete and is not being sold anymore.

You can purchase the UMC script from our webshop. It is an automated process and I have not seen any orders by your name in our system.
If you want to, use the contact option on our website ( to contact us so we can help you.

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Product not delivered - BAD SELLER !!!!!

I paid for your script on your website via paypal. Script is not delivered as promised.
you don't answer my email or claim from paypal. HELOOO ?? You there ??

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Buying the script

I understand your concerns and agree it could be easier, but my experience was very good. You have to register with the site as described in a couple comments here and you get the download link by e-mail after you've paid. You then have to run the script and you'll get a dialog with the e-mail you are required to send your license request to and, finally, you get the license by e-mail from the developer. Got mine within 12 hours and I couldn't be happier with the functioning of this utility.

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Best conversion script I've found

I've used a couple different conversion scripts but this one is definitely the best that I've found in terms of ease of use and, more importantly, quality of results.

You have to go to the website listed above and you must register before you buy. Once you are registered you click on the tab labeled VAKGEBIEDEN..and then on the item Producenten, after which you'll see the Autodesk Material Converter option.

Worth the small hassle.

Once you've purchased it you'll automatically get a download link. You then put the files in your scripts folder and run the script, which will bring up a licensing dialog. You e-mail the info to the address stated and you'll receive your license by e-mail. I received mine within 12 hours.

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NICE Script.

Just bought using the link above, though the site was partially in english. you need to register first...then click on VAKGEBIEDEN..then on Producenten...

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Autodesk generic materials

Does it convert Autodesk generic materials? I'm working on a large Revit project where all the materials came in as "Autodesk generic materials" to Max and the Vray scene converter does not work.

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