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Benjamin Boscher

Here is the link to the documentation.

This is my custom batch exporter, inspired by Jos Balcaen's Batch Export/Import, I needed some extra features so I created my own.
Perfect for exporting a lot of objects quickly.
Any meshes linked to a point helper or a dummy are merged together and exported as a single object, that way you can export objects in a non-destructive way, keeping instances, etc.
If you have any feedback, feel free to contact me at [email protected] or in the comment section down here ;)

Update 26/06/2017, Version 1.7:

- Added the "export as a single object" feature.
- Added a bunch of formats.
- Added a "Help" button that opens the documentation.
- The script now runs faster.

Update 01/09/2017, Version 1.7.2:

- Added VRSCENE format.

Update 30/09/2019, Version 1.8:

- You can now export objects that are parented to a point helper or a dummy as a single object, its name and pivot point are respectively the helper's name and location.
- Removed "Export As A Single Object" button.
- No longer clear the selection after export.
- Everything is now saved in a .ini file instead of in each maxfile.
- Fixed the bug where the script would export as .MAX when selecting .OBJ
- Fixed the bug that used to crash max when you undo just after exporting something.
- Added "Show Prompt" checkbox to set wether or not you want to see the dialog before exporting (that depends on the selected format).
- Added MAX format.
- Big overall cleanup and refactoring in the code.

Update 07/02/2020, Version 1.8.1:

- Fixed the bug where the Collision Preffix text would be displayed in Name Preffix.
- Fixed the crash that could occur when the Collision Preffix text is empty.

Update 28/03/2020, Version 1.8.3:

- Fixed the bug where the collisions won't get exported when parented to a point or dummy.
- Added the "Merge All Nodes" feature that allowes you to choose weither or not to merge objects before exporting (only affects objects parented to points or dummies).

Update 24/02/2021, Version 1.9:

- Fixed the "Export plugin not found" bug when exporting as .MAX format.
- Now handle "sub helpers" in the hierarchy: no longer leave duplicate helpers when having some (dummies or point helpers) in the hierarchy.
- Now right clicking the "Browse" button (the 3 dots) no longer purge the whole list but only remove the currently selected path.
- Now clicking the "Browse" button open the selected path as initial directory (if there is one).
- Now if nothing is selected when you click "Export Selection" it will remember the selection you exported previously and export it again.
- Fixed the bug that prevented you from exporting objects containing "." (a dot) in their name.

Additional Info: 

How it works

• Just drag n drop the .ms file into the 3DS Max viewport

• Or drag n drop the .mzp file into the 3DS Max viewport, and then in Customize > Customize user interface, you'll find this script under the N00BY category

• Set the options as you need, select an export path, etc...

• Select all the objects you want to export, then click "Export selection"

General informations

• All options are saved. This means all the changes you make in the checkboxes, text fields and the drop down list are remembered when reopening the script.

•Meshes that are parented to a point or a dummy have their transform reseted before getting merged then the merged is exported using the its root's transform (point or dummy helper).
Which mean that if you untick the "Reset XForm" checkbox the mesh is eported using its helper's pivot point as local pivot, no matter the helper's rotation.

•When exporting objects with collision:
- Objects that are parented to a point helper or a dummy need to have their collision meshes parented to that same helper.
- If an object is not parented to a point or a dummy do not select the collision meshes when exporting, select only the objects themselves. (Otherwise the collision meshes will be exported separately).

•When exporting as .VRSCENE you have to set VRay as the renderer before proceeding. (Rendering -> Render Setup)


Only tested on 3DSMax 2015, 2016 and 2018.


Version Requirement: 
2015 - 2016 - 2018, but it should work in any version.


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Sorry just seen this, I had

Sorry just seen this, I had my alerts turned off, I'll check it out tomorrow.

...thanks for your efforts.

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Script updated !

Hey !

I added, among other things, the feature you needed ;)

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I export for game design so have a need for exporting the entire selection as a single FBX.

I like these FBX exporters but they all export the selection as individual files, is there no way to set the name for the scene and have it save the selection as a single FBX?

Joels "Collapse Groups" function is very useful too. ;)

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