Doom Spline Resizer

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Vin Carbone (Doomgrave)

This simple script will Set the pivot to the first vertex of a shape object and align it to the first segment. A window will show up allowing to set the Lengh of a spline scaling from the first vertex.

You can find the mcr script in the Category:"# Scripts"
The .ms script will just load on RUN

-- select a Shape and click SET
-- The First time the script will show Spline Lenght
-- Set desired lenght and press SET to resize the spline
-- The spline Pivot will be centered and aligned to the first vertex of the spline
-- Script works with any shape with a single spline

Additional Info: 

1. inspired by GARP "SetSplinesLength" script but works in a different way
2. this is my first week of maxscript if you can help me to improve I'll be gratefull
3. Hope you find my script usefull!

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Written for 3ds 2016+
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doomsplineresizer_v1.mcr2.39 KB
doomsplineresizer_v1.ms2.23 KB