" Faceengine " facial bone creator for 3ds max facial animations

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D. Dincer


To run the facial script :

1- Un-rar the "faceengine.rar" into your 3ds max programm folder.
for example ,

c:\program files\3ds max\faceengine

2-in 3ds max environment , run the "vertex recorder" script, if you have problems like " runtime error ..." , you need to run "3ds max.exe" as administrator , and re-run this script

3-With first button , select your 3d head model

4-With second button , select the vertices one by one according
to the visual quide on script window ( red dot on the quide model ) ,
it is very easy and takes approximately 8 - 10 minutes , if you forget the selected point location , you can change the slider value to see the selected locations.

5-After 100 vertices selection, the coordinate data is created by
the script , called "facevertex" text file ,

Please note that , facevertex file is under "..3ds max\faceengine\def " folder :

6- Open this text file , and , delete all the " signs in notepad , then copy all the lines in this edited text file , and finally , paste them onto original script shown below or in attachments ,

with this action , you are changing the original pop points with your own 3d head model coordinates , so, this step is very important , ( I did not have time to make this deletion operation automatically )

7- Now , you can run this new script for your model , ( to see the real time bone creation , please evaluate the script ,do not run the script , this is very fantastic )

and use skin modifier with the main bones , so , please use only the main facial bones in skin modifier , to hide unused bones , please , evaluate the "hiding script ," ( hiding script is not proper for "run script" command , you can only evaluate it )

8- I know that , some of the transforms can be better , my contact adress :

[email protected]

Version Requirement: 
3ds max 2009,,,
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faceengine.rar5.79 MB
Faceengine results for spaeking animation6.84 MB
facial_bones_creation_source.ms138.51 KB
hiding_unused_bones.ms3.04 KB
vertex_recorder.ms15.17 KB


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jhn's picture

This looks exactly like the

This looks exactly like the script that was posted on the Area few years ago.


Is this "service" free, or do you charge for the script people get back for the model? If it's not free, please add commercial script to your description. Other then that my comments on the Area thread still remains.

If I misunderstood anything please correct me!

denisT's picture

looks interesting. but why

looks interesting. but why the code is encrypted?
personally I've never used an encrypted script in my workflow.

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