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Ivan Tepavicharov

For people who work often with Objects ID, this script may make it easier. It allows you to see which objects have ID, to select objects by ID, assign a ID and all this without entering in properties of the objects.

Version: 2.34

  • Add "Assign ID by Layers" button
  • Add Option to Assign Wirecolor by ID
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Category "IllusionBoxStudio"


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tomastnt's picture

random ID but not random for instances?

Hi. Could be possible to assign a random ID for selected objects, but if you would select some instances in your selection, those instances woud have the same ID but random to other objects? Also if you would select just one or two instances, that ID would be applied to unselected "brothers" of those instances? Thanks Tomas

titane357's picture

ooops, sorry I forgot

ooops, sorry I forgot VrayWirecolor...

titane357's picture

Thanks for this script

Thanks for this script !
Could it be possible to have option to show id object with wireframe colors ?

tomastnt's picture mistake. I didn't mistake. I didn't released it is object ID not a material ID...Shame :)

Ivan Tepavicharov's picture

Guess you mean a case that

Guess you mean a case that you use materialID, because the script is only intended to ObjectsID. I can think about your proposal but it is a different script.

tomastnt's picture

Great script, but....

Hi Ivan
Could give I a few ideas? I am working a lot of with ID workflow. Your script is great, but I would add a few options.
1) Could you show the name of material for every ID?
2) Could you add some feature for moving up or down selected ID's? For example, At the start of texturing, I usually design a Multi-sub object material this way:
ID1 - Wood 01
ID2 - Wood 02
ID3 - Concrete 01
ID4 - Concrete 02

But then if I need to add a material Wood 03, then I have to add that material under Concrete 02(which is madding whole stuck a little mess) or I have to manually move down all concrete materials in IDs and in Material editor. Would be possible to add some feature to moving up or down ID's and Materials in Multi Sub-object material? Or just somehow solve that problem, If you would like to add a new material to your multi sub object material?

3) Show a list of material names of your selected material-object. For example. If you have an multi sub object material with 100 ID's, It is impossible to know every ID and name of material. So, would be great to see a list of names your multi sub object materials on one page with ID numbers.

I would very appreciate If you would add some of mine ideas.
Best regards

Ivan Tepavicharov's picture

OK, no problem.

OK, no problem.

trick's picture


Very useful indeed!

Would it also be possible to give all selected objects a diffent ID instead of a random ID? So if you select 40 objects, they will receive IDs 1 to 40!!

Thanks v much :)

Ivan Tepavicharov's picture

Yes, I should add refresh

Yes, I should add refresh viewport, sorry :-)))

Script_Butler's picture

Very useful!

One thing though. in 3dsmax 201 64 bit, the Hide ID on viewport doesn't work until you select any object.

Apart from that its great!



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