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Massfx Rope Creator 3ds max plugin

The fastest solution to create ropes for your Massfx simulation which allows you to create a rope between 2 objects automatically!

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Rope morphing is based on a skin modifier. You can use ether the standard Skin modifier or 3D-io Bones Pro. It's optional. No additional plugins are required.

The plug-in supports both standard MassFX engine and Nvidia DCC plug-in for PhysX.

Screenshot of the plugin interface

Massfx Rope Creator for max

nvidia dds plug-in

Fixed: "Undo" now works properly with all actions.
Added: Spinner to change rope stiffness.
Added: Now you can update/delete ropes.
Added: Mass actions with all selected ropes.

Version Requirement: 
3DS Max 2010 or higher
Other Software Required: 
No other software required
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Crea3D's picture

How to make the rope stiffer

Hi, Dvieneira. I'll give you a clue how to do what you want :)
1) Open the rope group.
2) Select one of UConstraints (joints between bones), then click "select similar" in the context menu to select them all.
3) Open MassFx tools, open the 3rd tab there and set "Damping" to 500 or 1000.
I attached the screenshot.

rrrr.jpg 51.62 KB
dvieneira's picture


anyway to make rope stiffer. We want it to be more like a hose and not a rope? Rope mass doesn't do anything thanks
like this
this helicopter hose moves but not a lot

Crea3D's picture

Delphinium, just increase

Delphinium, just increase solver iters and substeps in your physix settings. Rope creator works fine. The same things happen with clothes. If you have low quality set, you can experience different glitches. Also you can play with Rope mass.

Delphinium's picture

The Rope Split issue

Thanks for the updating, I just record the rope split issue when I was using your tool~
just for reference.

Crea3D's picture


Rope thickness has been fixed. Ver 1.2 !

Crea3D's picture

Thanks, I'll check it.

Thanks, I'll check it.

Delphinium's picture

Problem solved, thanks! But there are still some issues.

Hi now it works! I really like your tool. thanks for helping!

But it will appear a "splitting" result if the number of bones is 8 or more. I don't know if it's a bug of the tool or it only happens on PhysX mode.
And "Rope thickness" doesn't works either. The thickness remains the same after I changed it under physX mode.

Crea3D's picture

Hello, Delphinium! I have

Hello, Delphinium! I have added Nvidia DCC plug-in support in v1.1. Now it can work on both Nvida physX plugin and original massfx plugin.

I have tested it for you in 3DS MAX 2016 with NVIDIA PhysX 3.4.2 (4.2.21119.23282)

Delphinium's picture

Can your tool work on Nivdia PhysX Plugin as well?

Hi, I have gotten a problem when using your Massfx Pope creator.
I am using 3dsmax 2016, with a newest Nvida physX plugin for 3dsmax. I need these new updates in this plugin but in this situation, the original massfx plugin in 3dmax will be hided.

Is it's possible that your tool can work on both Nvida physX plugin as well as Original massfx plugin? I am asking this because the Nvida still keep updating the physX plugin and it has less bugs and new improvements than the original one. And they can't works together.

Thanks very much.

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