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Andreas Meissner


This script is in open beta phase, available for public.

Who creates the best interface for the users? The users theirselves! This tool is inspired by the Maya Hotbox. It is not ment to be a tool collection on its own, its idea is to provide ways to you for accessing and organizing functionality. Build your own interface, customize your workflow to your needs.

Additional Info: 
  • show/hide hotbox-layer, run macros, execute scripts, open files or just re-execute your last hotbox action
  • trigger actions by using buttons, hotkeys, mousegestures, ...
  • build your own interface and organize your scripts as you want with hotbox profiles and nested layers
  • independent, Max Hotbox hotkeys override/suppress 3ds Max hotkeys
  • portable, no installation
  • all macros of 3ds max can be assigned to hotbox-buttons
  • style your hotbox with transparent and multicolor buttons, dock and group them with each other
  • provides as much functionality as possible for custom userscripts


  • should work for 3ds Max 9 SP2 - 3ds Max 2011
  • works for 32bit and 64bit systems

How to start Max Hotbox:

  • download and unpack
  • drag and drop the "MaxHotbox.mse" file into your viewport
  • hold down Spacebar on 3ds Max mainwindow

Max Hotbox is already configured for some simple tasks like Extrude a Face or so, but it is ment to be configured by yourself. It would be nice if you could share your configuration of Max Hotbox with other users. Please also watch the tutorial videos about Max Hotbox on YouTube to become familiar with the tool. I hope you will get along.

How to autostart Max Hotbox on next 3ds Max startup:

  • drag and drop the "" file into your viewport

How to upgrade from a previous version:

  • download and unpack the new version
  • replace the "Profiles" folder of the new version with the folder from the old version
    (the "Profiles" folder contains your configuration of Max Hotbox)


Watch Videos about Max Hotbox on YouTube


Your feedback is very welcome.


Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 9 SP2 - 3ds Max 2011
Other Software Required: 
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or higher
Video URL: 


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santex's picture


thank you for quick response, here it is:

[29. 9. 2011 9:31:33] Info: startup script
[29. 9. 2011 9:31:33] Info: load windowhook
[29. 9. 2011 9:31:34] Info: load windowops
[29. 9. 2011 9:31:35] Info: loading report
[29. 9. 2011 9:31:35] Warning: could not open file: D:\DOWNLOAD\max_hotbox\Report.txt
[29. 9. 2011 9:31:35] Info: loading settings
[29. 9. 2011 9:31:35] Info: settings loaded
[29. 9. 2011 9:31:35] Info: load macroreader
[29. 9. 2011 9:31:35] Info: load macros

real08121985's picture

Post the content of the file

Post the content of the file "...\Max Hotbox\Core\Log.txt" here, after Max Hotbox crashed.

santex's picture

problem max2011 64bit

hi.. don't know what's wrong, but i'm trying to install script by drag&drop MaxHotbox.mse into 3dsmax and this is the output in maxscript listener:

-- Error occurred in startupScript(); filename: D:\DOWNLOAD\max_hotbox\MaxHotbox.mse; position: 135654; line: 526
-- Defined in encrypted script
-- called in anonymous codeblock; filename: D:\DOWNLOAD\max_hotbox\MaxHotbox.mse; position: 245506; line: 974
-- Defined in encrypted script
-- Error occurred during fileIn in
>> MAXScript FileIn Exception: -- No "map" function for OK <<

i'm using max 2011 64bit on windows 7 64bit

real08121985's picture

Glad to hear it works in 3ds

Glad to hear it works in 3ds Max 2012 HF2! The delay on startup is due to the fact that Max Hotbox needs to build the hotbox tree. The bigger the tree the longer the wait :( I dunno about shutdown errors and Graphite delay, but I'm sorry to hear that.

Other scripts shouldn't interfer with Max Hotbox, might be but shouldn't. Copying "" into the startup folder of 3ds Max should not work. How you need to do it: leave it at its location in the Max Hotbox folder and drag and drop it into the viewport. It will then create a file "" on its own in the startup folder of 3ds Max that points to the current Max Hotbox folder. If you change the location of the Max Hotbox folder you need to run the script again.

About the customizing window: I guess you mean the sidebar on the right in the Max Hotbox Editor. I'm sorry if the sidebar is too small right now. As workaround: there are tooltips applied to the macro lists. Select a macro and put your mouse over the list, then a tooltip of the current selected macroname will appear.

illusionist's picture

It works in 3dsmax 2012 HF2

It works in 3dsmax 2012 HF2 for me. It works perfectly for what I do (modeling). The only problems I have are...ghosting of the Hotbox buttons in startup of 3dsmax and it delays Max interface from loading quickly, but that is only like 3 seconds. Hotbox sometimes slows down the Graphite rollout time and occasional 3dsmax shutdown error (but I suspect the app exit might be Windows 7 issue).

After removing Hotbox, 3dsmax loads interface quickly, no Graphite rollot delay and no shutdown error.

Once Hotbox starts up, it works quit well and saves me a great deal of time to hunt for tools in the Graphite tabs.

For all others that are having problems...try removing other scripts that might be interfering with Hotbox or worst re-install 3dsmax if you really want Hotbox. Additionally, I copied/pasted "" into the startup folder in the Script folder in root 3dmax app, so that might help for those that are having issues.

Andreas, in the customizing window when assigning 3dsmax Macro script to a button the macro names can't be read because the rollout window is too narrow. Could you, please, make the window wider.

Thanks Andreas!

throneinc's picture

i did give it a try but no

i did give it a try but no avail, tried it with sp1 and hotfixes but nothing, lots of errors and nothing in there

real08121985's picture

I think so too, I can't think

I think so too, I can't think of a possible solution yet.

real08121985's picture

Give it a try, I heared it

Give it a try, I heared it works even if there are some error messages appearing at startup.

throneinc's picture

You have to fix this for max

You have to fix this for max 2012, you have to, and i don't usually beg anyone but...


sunkist's picture

Installation error?

Installation error? Very powerful script. I really like, unfortunately I can not use. I am using window SP2 Chinese system, 3DMAX 9 version of SP2; Microsoft. NET Framework 4. Prompt an error: Is the system really can not use the Chinese version? I hope you can resolve this error, and a detailed installation process and install the video in YOUTUBE; Thank you。 非常强大的脚本。我很喜欢,可惜我使用不了。我使用的是window SP2 中文系统 ,3DMAX 9版本SP2;Microsoft .NET Framework 4. 提示出错: 难道中文版系统真的无法使用?希望你可以解决这个错误,并有详细的安装过程和安装视频在YOUTUBE;谢谢。

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