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You can use this script for free.

May this script will be helpful for you!


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3ds Max 9,2008,2009,2010,20xx ...
Other Software Required: 
Some functions need Vray
maxassistant_1_1_free.zip669.1 KB


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MarTroYx's picture

I don't think you get my

I don't think you get my point, of course there's excellent script here for free, because scripter don't bother selling them , it would not worth the effort of selling them anyway.

but when someone try to sell one, they automatically get compared to big script that are free, most of the time scripter sell their script just to know how people value their script and if it worth the effort to continue development, so by always under evaluating like that, you;re not really helping !

so you see fajar, you're rating has nothing to do in the whole equation :-)

fajar's picture

ahh...and then what....some

ahh...and then what....some UI ? look MarTroY, arround the world, many script or even plugins work together, without good ui but good functionlity, people will pay it ....its all about functionality, not only UI, if you want paid more for UI , then work as UI developer not maxscripter....but here , I dont see a good UI myself (I compared from your previous script, good and nice lookin) . Put it , solid rock, does it had good UI? the answer is NO....and BIG NO....but does it had good fucntionlity and efficient for daily workflow? the answer is YES and BIG YES....the problem is this is not the place for showing off your UI, but showing how good script you made and does help another people (make them efficient in daily work (free or paid script))

rating here is

1. Functionlity
2. efficient in workflow
3. other
4. UI

MarTroYx's picture

fajar, we where not talking

fajar, we where not talking about the script itself ...I don't even know what it does in the first place but I remember that I pass 3 full month on a particular interface, and that is worth something or is it ?

I saw a cylinder with some crapy texture for sale at 100$, people would pay for this but not for maxscript ...
of course not... they expect maxscript to be free.

fajar's picture

WOW.....I can re-construct

WOW.....I can re-construct all script I can find in this script spot which is free in one place and I add it up a little thing for my purpose....and I'll release it in Free, coz I learn from here to make script like this.....

look file path finder pro or rappa tools or solid rock or mod mod z-orb, its original from creator, and need a lot of skill in it to made it, but this.......uhhh....I can't find the original idea in it....and it come with lower price than youre or even free.....$76 for translate in english and UI..... in subscene I download many subtitle for free, and it s translated.

you made the world even horible place to live in......all priced....

Feilang000's picture

The theme named "new luna".

The theme named "new luna". You may Google with "new luna theme". Enjoy it:)

MarTroYx's picture

no worry, I'm always like

no worry, I'm always like that :-)

let forget this and move on to more constructive comment if you all agree :-)
the windows skin you used seam very nice, what is it, is this some windows blind skin or regular win theme ?

MarTroYx's picture

Ho well, maybe I overreacted

Ho well, maybe I overreacted :-)

but yes ,anybody can write a script of a couple of line an sell it high price... my point is that
nobody has the right to try to dictate what should be the price based on market price of other script.
that's the author decision and that must be respected ...

wait until you see my price tag... you will fall of your chair :-)
and if someone come and tell me it too high, I'll just make it even higher just to show him.

This is nothing again you, it's just that I'm a bit tired, every time someone try to sell a script another one jump in and tell that the script do nothing useful and that the price is too high .....

but that's my opinion, anybody else feel that way ?


NicolasC's picture

@MarTroYx Ahahah - man, it's


Ahahah - man, it's not a problem of being short of money or not, believe me ... it's just a matter of value, sorry. There are some scripts around that really bring great additions/new functions, and that are cheaper or even free. MaxAssistant has a nice interface, but doesn't bring anything new IMO.
Your point of view is weird: if I get it right, I could do the most useless script on Earth and sell it a high price just because I've spent much time on the interface ?? come on, mate ... you can maybe "do anything [you] want from maxscript", but apparently not getting a fair judgement from it ;)
Just to give you an example, between others: one of the plugins I use, PSDManager (Cebas) cost 150 € ... compare that to the initial pricing of MaxManager, and you may get why I personally think it was overpriced.



Feilang000's picture

Hi, Martin, thanks for your

Hi, Martin, thanks for your understanding. Exactly to say, I have designed the logo of MaxAssistant for more than 3 versions, designed the icons of MaxAssistant UI for more than 5 versions, the website for 4 versions. And each new version was very different from the old one. My aim is to provide a good user experience, a beatuiful interface. Thanks for your encouragement.
For the price, I'm really lack of knowledge. So any comments were important to me. NicolasC's idea is also useful to me.


MarTroYx's picture

"We're not discussing about

"We're not discussing about your tool being useful or not ... I don't know if you're avoiding on purpose, more or less skillfully, the problem of the PRICE of your MaxAssistant. Because, yes, it's expensive"

,,,don't listen to this guy, you set you're price as high as you think it's worth to you, if his bank account is short on money, then he's out of luck!

I'm not buying since I can do anything I want from maxscript :-) but just wanted to congratulate on you're nice interface, and yes interface design is one of the most time consuming task and to me the price tag is more than justified.

Nice work,

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