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Version 1.6 - added installator. Now the script is properly installed in OS: Windows VIsta, 7, 8

Version 1.5 - added Compact UI mode - idea by @Silix

Version 1.4 - added support for 3ds max 2012.

Version 1.3 - Fixed some bugs - COde optimization

Version 1.2 - Add Interactive mode - watch the last video

Work with Editable Poly and Edit_Poly objects.

Cut quads and N-gons.

Save Preset system.

Works with edges and polygons on Editable Poly objects. On Edit_Poly objects works only with edges.

You can choose to Keep Quads when cutting.

For more information read Help.

Drag-n-drop miauuEdgeCutter_v1.mzp to 3ds max. Restart 3ds max. Go to Customize - Customize User Interface. Under "miauu" category you will find "miauu's Edge Cutter".

Strange, but I-mode does not work in max2011 and up.

Special thanks to:

Panayot "Anubis" Karabakalov


Enrico "SyncViewS" Gullotti


Watch the video demonstration:

video01, video02, video03, video04

Version Requirement: 
9, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011.2012. 2013
Video URL: 
miauuedgecutter_v13.mzp1.19 MB
miauuedgecutter_v13-max9.mzp1.28 MB
miauuedgecutter_v14.mzp1.19 MB
miauuedgecutter_v15.mzp1.19 MB
miauuedgecutter_v16.mzp1.18 MB


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Nicholas87's picture

Thanks so much Miauu

Thanks so much Miauu

Nicholas87's picture

I can't install this scrip .

I can't install this scrip . i hope who help me ( i use 3dsmax design 2011 ) Thanks

bronius's picture


Version 1.5 installs, but "--Runtime error: Cannot convert value to bitArray: undefined" message always appeares after second cut in interactive mode: http://imgur.com/E9B78

Version 1.6 installs only if MAX is started "as administrator", but after installing nothing happens when I press "edgeCutter" icon - dialog not opens.

3dsMAX Design 2012/2013. Windows 7, x64

miauu's picture

bronius, download version

bronius, download version 1.5, unzip the mzp file and open mzp.run with Notepad. You can see where to place files and folders.
$max means max root folder.
Can you tell me your max and OS version?

version 1.6 installs the script in hidden folder. If you want I can tell you here to place files for version 1.6.

bronius's picture


Now it don't work at all.. :( Which install script files must be placed in which dirs? I'm asking because install is not working and I will try to put them by hand.

Теперь скрипт совсем неработает. Какие файлы из инстала в какие директории нужно класть? Попробую в ручную..

miauu's picture

Nicholas87, download version

Nicholas87, download version 1.6 and try it. I tested it on max2012 Win8 and it wworks.

miauu's picture

The problem is not in tma MAX

The problem is not in tma MAX version. I assumed that you have Windows Vista, 7 or 8. The OS is the problem. I will fix the installer later this night and you can install it properly.

bronius's picture

same there

Same there: --Runtime error: Cannot convert value to bitArray: undefined

(3dsMAX 2013 Design / 3dsMAX 2012 Design)

Nicholas87's picture

I use 3dsmax deisgn 2011 . i

I use 3dsmax deisgn 2011 . i can't install it . Who can help me ? thanks

SalahaDin's picture


A script within a script within a script. Amazing!!!
Thanks a lot, it's so much fun using it...

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