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 The Outliner 2.0 is a fast and easy to use scene management tool. It has a wide range of features, including selecting, hiding, freezing, linking and grouping objects in the "Hierarchy Mode". In the "Layer Mode" you can organize your scene by dragging&dropping objects from one layer to the other. What's more, the Outliner offers support for nested layers, to manage scenes more efficiently. The interface is nimble enough to keep it open constantly.

Hierarchy Mode using dark UI scheme, and maya icons


Layer Mode (including nested layers)

Material Mode

Additional Info: 

Compared to the previous version (1.6.1), there are many improvements. Most notable among them are: hugely increased performance, improved stability, nested layer support and many small tweaks to improve the ease of use. For a list of all changes, click here

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2010
Other Software Required: 
.NET 3.5 Framework
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@designingpatrick Sounds like


Sounds like you have remnants of Outliner 3 kicking around, search your Max root and enu folders for "outliner", I think there are 3 .dlls placed there by the installation.

Sadly Outliner is no longer being developed (unless someone takes over the Alpha.)

I was getting dot.net errors too with 3 in 2015, so dropped back to 2.1.5, slower than 3 on large scenes but much better than the scene explorer they stuck onto Max.

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-- Runtime error: dotNet

-- Runtime error: dotNet runtime exception: Invalid directory on URL. <<

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How can I completely remove

How can I completely remove all of the Outliner files?
Max is now having issue launching, and I'm afraid that it's because of the Outliner.

By the way, the outliner is such a powerful and useful tool, it's killing me to not have it working.

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Thanks for the swift reply.

Thanks for the swift reply.

I may have attempted to install Outliner 3.0 in my troubleshooting the other day, although I cannot be sure that it is currently installed. How can I check?

Is Outliner 3.0 recommended? Still in Alpha? I just tried to install 3.0, to see, and it doesn't appear to be working either.

Maybe I should remove all traces of Outliner and try again?

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Did you install Outliner 3.0

Did you install Outliner 3.0 beta by any chance? You can't have both installed next to each other unfortunately.

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Dot Net error when opening outliner

I'm getting this error:

"--Unkown property: "open" in dotNetObject: Outliner.OutlinerGUP"

when I press H to open the outliner.

I'm not sure what happened, it's been installed for at least a year now and just stopped working the other day.

I tried removing it a few times, deleting the C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\2014 folder, uninstalling
results in an error 'Removing Hotkeys failed'

Any ideas here?

I tried the command outliner.open(), but that's just not working.

-- Error occurred in execute(); filename: C:\Users\patrick\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\2014 - 64bit\ENU\usermacros\Outliner-toggleOutliner.mcr; position: 731; line: 32
-- Frame:
-- outlinerInst: dotNetObject:Outliner.OutlinerGUP
-- called in anonymous codeblock
-- Frame:
-- outliner_get_instance: outliner_get_instance()
>> MAXScript MacroScript Error Exception:
-- Unknown property: "open" in dotNetObject:Outliner.OutlinerGUP <<
** Outliner installer exception **
-- Unknown property: "FromXml" in undefined
-- Unknown property: "open" in undefined

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Is outliner gone? Do this...

delete the 20xx 64-bit or 32-bit folder in this directory: C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax
Then uninstall outliner, and reinstall it.

Anything is possible

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Outliner gone ... FIXED

hey, for everybody who has the problem the outliner disappeared

try to change the workspace to "alternative layout" (the menu in the quick access toolbar) and then change it back to your or default layout ... this fixed the issue for me ...

hope it helps you too...

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Outliner is gone

I'm having the same problem, outliner is gone...
tried to reinstall it but no efect.

Your max script is giving me arror, by pointing to this line:

And after reinstall outliner_prefs.ini is gone, macroscripts and some other files in ENU folder.

max 2014 / outliner_3.0.24_alpha

Please help.

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Try it through maxscript

Try setting the width through maxscript:
outliner.prefs.setValue #Window #width 500

I hope that helps!

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