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 The Outliner 2.0 is a fast and easy to use scene management tool. It has a wide range of features, including selecting, hiding, freezing, linking and grouping objects in the "Hierarchy Mode". In the "Layer Mode" you can organize your scene by dragging&dropping objects from one layer to the other. What's more, the Outliner offers support for nested layers, to manage scenes more efficiently. The interface is nimble enough to keep it open constantly.

Hierarchy Mode using dark UI scheme, and maya icons


Layer Mode (including nested layers)

Material Mode

Additional Info: 

Compared to the previous version (1.6.1), there are many improvements. Most notable among them are: hugely increased performance, improved stability, nested layer support and many small tweaks to improve the ease of use. For a list of all changes, click here

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2010
Other Software Required: 
.NET 3.5 Framework
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simons's picture

thank you so much. startup

thank you so much. startup crash is gone.

though i had problems with the update function. maybe my firewall. will chedk it out.

thanks and regards

PJanssen's picture

I've uploaded version 2.0.1,

I've uploaded version 2.0.1, which addresses the following issues:
* Fixed open at startup crash
* Fixed installer issue when having to install across different volumes.
* Fixed crash when dragging node onto container.
* Fixed crash when somehow trying to add an empty selection to a new group.

You can download the new version by going into the options panel and clicking "Check now" if you already have the Outliner 2.0 installed, or by downloading the installer manually.

Two of these bugs were reported using the automatic Error Report form, and I must say that I'm really happy to see that working quite effectively.

PJanssen's picture

This was in reply to another

This was in reply to another issue. :-)
The "open at 3dsmax startup" issue has been fixed too, I'll put that online tonight.

simons's picture

thanks for your reply. i am

thanks for your reply.
i am sorry, but maybe i am dumb. no need to reply ;-)
i can't find your answer. where is it?
could you mail it to [email protected]
a thousand thanks

PJanssen's picture

Thank you for reporting this.

Thank you for reporting this. I've sent you a message through Scriptspot with a link to a new installer which will hopefully fix this issue. Please take a look at it and let me know if it works.

PJanssen's picture

Thanks for reporting this.

Thanks for reporting this. I've been able to replicate the issue and will fix it asap.

simons's picture

definately the most awaited

definately the most awaited script.

thanks for your hard work. script runs perfectly except one thing.

i am on windows 7 home 64-bit with 3dsmax 2011 64-bit.

when option "open at 3dsmax startup" is enabled i am getting the error message:
-- unknown property: "open" in undefined
C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2011\stdplugs\stdscripts\outliner\outliner_open_on_startup.ms

i have correctly uninstalled previous outliner 1.6.1

could you tell me what to change in the script to get it to work?

thanks and keep up your good work

p.s. here is the mentioned script

function outliner_get_instance =
if outliner == undefined do
fileIn ((getDir #Scripts) + "/outliner/init.ms");


local prefsFile = ((GetDir #userScripts) + "/outliner_prefs.ini");

local open = getINISetting prefsfile "General" "openAtStartup";
if (open != "") then
try ( open = open as BooleanClass; ) catch ( open = false; )
open = false;

if (open) do
local outlinerInst = outliner_get_instance();

Royal Ghost's picture

Can't install :( Installer

Can't install :(

Installer exception: copyScriptFiles -- Runtime error: dotNet runtime exception: Source and destination path must have identical roots. Move will not work across volumes.

how to fix it? (max2010x32,max2011x32 same errors)

Royal Ghost | veda3d.com

MarTroYx's picture

Sweet, I like it :-)

Sweet, I like it :-)

DarkNemos's picture

The best tool ever! Must

The best tool ever! Must have!

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