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PolySmoother is a professional tool to efficiently work with Smoothing Groups.

It allows you to visualize and manage the Smoothing Groups in a quick and easy way. You can set Hard and Soft edges, select edges by convexity, copy, paste, modify and optimize Smoothing Groups, as well as convert them from and to UV mapping, among many other features.

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2014 - 2022
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Yes, but both crease and

Yes, but both crease and weight (from edit poly modifyer), just my opinion that this can be used in simple smooh, turbosmooth (smooth by smoothing groups), open subdiv (control crease and weight) and quadchamfer (from smoothing groups and edge weights), from one script to control em all.
Just my reflections.

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@locb Do you mean to

Do you mean to replicate the functionality of the CreaseSet modifier?

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Maybe you can add crease

Maybe you can add crease weight edges, for work with openSubdiv and quadchamfer more comfortable?

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PolySmoother v2.0 Upgrade Released

What's New

+ NEW Select Convex and Concave edges by angle
+ NEW Create UV Shells from Smoothing Groups
+ NEW Create Smoothing Groups from UV Shells
+ NEW Create Multi-Material from Smoothing Groups
+ NEW Now Smoothing Groups List update selected faces with Key imputs
+ NEW Select all faces using a given Smooth Group Bit
- Improved Callback Mechanics for faster feedback
- Improved Face/List syncronization up to 20 times faster
- Improved Smoothing Groups list autoscroll
- Improved buttons icons now display correct in Max 2017+ all buttons states
- Improved Optimizer automatically switches to level 4 if some elements fails
- Fixed bug in Convert Specified Edges
- Fixed bug in Set Soft wedges where intersected hard edges would get smootheed
- Fixed bug when setting sub-object level to 0 that left the scene redraw in an unstable state
- Fixed bug when enabling caddies would constantly cast events

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PolySmoother v1.1.0 Update Released

What's New

+ NEW Selected edges are now displayed when Preview Edges is enabled
+ NEW Isolate now works in Vertex and Edge modes too
- Improved Display Edges is now up to 300% faster
- Fixed critical bug that would cause smoothing color to not update on Max 2018 Windows 10
- Fixed blinking edges when first display Hard Edges
- Fixed bug where undoing after disabling PolySmoother could crash Max
- Fixed bug in converting specified edges for some imported models
- Fixed several minor issues

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