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PolyUnwrapper is a complete set of professional tools designed for the texture artists, especially for the architectural and game industries.

It contains plenty of features that will greatly help you improve your unwrapping workflow.



Main Features Features

  • Multi Stitch. Stitch Multiple Shells at once
  • Custom Packing algorithm and tools
  • Tool for matching the Shells Width and Height
  • Easy Grid Spacing
  • Render UV Tiles (UDIM)
  • Cycle Checker map
  • PolyUnwrapper Toolbar now keeps on top of the Unwrap Editor
  • Render Open Edges
Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2014 - 2021
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UV Scaling

@Noors, there is no tool in PolyUnwrapper to do this, and I am not sure how would you accomplish it.

In the code you have, what would be the difference between measuring the Open Edges ratio and total faces area ratio?

Regarding the code to select the Open Edges, I have published a fast and efficient way to work with the UVW Open Edges at CGSociety UVW Seem with GW

You can find some more information in other scripts I've published that build a mesh from the UVW and also can split the source object into elements from the UVW Shells Retopology from the UV mesh

Noors's picture

Hey just sent you a mail !Is

Hey just sent you a mail !
I'm actually doing a script but was wondering if i missed something here.
Is there actually a way with your tool to rescale a UV shell so it gets a 1/1 texel ratio ?
Let's say the uvs are correct, but stretched on 1 axis (nurbs import)
I compare UV/mesh edges length ratio, then rescale the uv element on 1 axis.
Thanks !

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Well, that's great to hear! Stoked for your next upgrades :-)

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Re: Suggestions for new features

Thank you for your suggestions and support.
I definitely have plans to include some of the features you mention as well as others I already have under development.

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Re: Pivot Points

Hey headd,

thanks for the tip - indeed I didn't know that! Strange how this seemingly precisely implemented function isn't integrated into the UI anywhere. Maybe PolyTools3D can oblige? :)

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"- The ability to set your transform pivot point to the corners of the shell's bounding box"

This request is already implemented in 3dsmax (i use 2012); you can find it in "Unwrap UVW" group, the commands are called "Pivot Snap..."
They work nice with the NumPad keys.

Hope it helps.

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Suggestions for new features

Hey man, been using Polyunwrapper (free, as well as paying for a couple of licenses at work) for quite some time now and loving it.

I do have a couple of suggestions for future versions, maybe you're running out of stuff to implement? ;-)

Basically for now, I'm still using TexTools and Polyunwrapper side by side, since there are are still a couple of functions that TexTools provides and I need regularly.

- The ability to set your transform pivot point to the corners of the shell's bounding box.
- various rendering features (simple AO / Lighttracer maps, Vertex Color baking)
- I love the quick 'checker material switch' and 'flat/shaded toggle' buttons TexTools has
- In a game artist's pipeline, the function to set smoothing groups per uv shells is important (for normal map baking)
- The function to flatten your mesh to it's corresponding UV's can be useful

Not related to TexTools, but potentially all kinds of awesome: a ffd modifier for UV shells. Not sure how easy this'd be, obviously.

And so on. This is by no means meant to diss Polyunwrapper - I wouldn't want to miss it nowadays.
I would, however, like to eliminate a tool suite from my inventory that hasn't been updated in quite a while and mostly does the same things (just not as well), ie uninstall TexTools.

Either way, thanks for your great work so far, can't wait to see what's next.

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@stealthx: Will try to get it

Will try to get it done for next release.

Looks like a good feature and it shouldn't be too hard to implement, so I'll see if I can get it implemented for the next release.

Thank you guys!

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Feature request

Hey, long time no see :)

1. During my work with the UV editor i stumbled multiple times with the situation described below.
Let's say you have multiple shells that would want to map them to a specific dimension(width, height) within a texture, while preserving aspect ratio. You'd have to uniform scale each and every one to match the specific dimension. If you have LOT's of shells, it's madness to do it by hand :)

So, is there any way to add an option to do this? Rescaling all shells(or the selected ones) to match the minimum/maximum/average bounding box width/height among them?
In some cases, if you can ignore some small stretching or texel ratio differences, a tool to average bounding box and match it's size for all shells is useful.

I've attached a image to better illustrate what I've said. The shells are not overlapped just for clarity.

2. Also, can you merge shortcut functionality for aligning? Right now you can assign shortcuts separately for vertex, edge and face.
I'd want to use the same align shortcut for all sub-objects.

That was it. Keep up the awesome work and i hope to see a new feature full version soon :)


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Great update

Do you have some news concerning "Multiple selections Stitch" (multi shell stitch). It would be instant buy feature for me.

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