Scene Material/Map Floater

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A Material/Map browser similar to the one found in max
- Able to FILTER Materials/Maps by class types

Additional Info: 

- Find Materials/Maps by name
- Show Material/Map instances
- Toggle viewport map display from the hierarchy
- Icons to represent Localized or UNC type filename paths for Bitmaps
- Material/Map Count
- Rename - show bitmap - open bitmap path in explorer

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- On scenes using Particle Flow - you may need to run the Particle Flow cleanup utility first - this helps on reduced lag/crash with pflow nodes associatied with materials.
- Show Objects can be slow on large scenes - because each material will read through its dependents on the scene in order to get a list of objects.

Future updates:
- edit mode - select any number of items - and replaceinstance those with the active material or map from the editor.
- root materials only option
- highlight active from material editor/selected object
- display missing maps only
- options to customize highlight colors

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Recently rewrote this great script to use functions DotNet.
It also added new features:
- Copy-Paste map / Material
- Assign to Selection
- With Control + Click findmap icon all non-instansed materials and maps will be placed in the Material Editor
- With Shift + Click findmap icon will be selected objects with found materials and Maps

- Save User selection map / material (for scenematerials only)

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Hi, I hope you're doing

Hi, I hope you're doing well!

i'd like to use this script with max 2009 (64bit in my case...) as it was EXTREMELY useful for large scenes with tons of materials and it has been in my toolbox whenever working mith max 8.

i cannot run it with max 2009, i get an error message:

--Runtime error: Cannot create the ActiveX control:MSComctLib.TreeCtrl
Reported error message: Class not registered (the last phrase is translated from german, might be inaccurate...)

Anyway, i'd love to see this updated since it is a great tool and a huge workflow improvement.

thanks in advance,

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