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Vray Real Light

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This script allows you to create Vray lights of different type based on watt and calculates the luminous power and temperature of the light to be as close to reality.
This is extremely useful when lighting a scene where real light data need to be used.

The lights available are:
- Incandescent
- Halogen
- LED Bulb
- HID Metal Halide
- HID Sodium Vapor
- HID Mercury Vapor
- Fluorescent tube
- LED Tube (warm white)
- Candlelight

Material Manager

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Material Manager gives users a one-click solution for saving out materials and also reapplying them. Users can choose to save the selected objects materials, or the entire scenes materials.

Image Resizing 3ds Max

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All in one Randomizer - QRandom

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QRandom is an all in one random tool. Please see the UI to know its functionality. Thank you for using my script. Hope if this help your work. Love to see your comments and feedback.


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Render Pass Manager for 3dsMax

We offer a free non-commercial version.

It is a render pass/generic task manager for 3dsMax. If you have used RPManager, LPass Manager, Prism, StateSet, Scene State. It is something like that. But, it is aiming to be a lot smarter, faster and more stable.


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F2 MAX is a script for 3DS Max which creates quads from a single selected border vert or border edge. It is inspired by the F2 addon for Blender.

Preview Smoothing

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This is a simple macroscript that show three different button , each one to preview it with smooth subdivision level.

Annotate Geometry

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MacroScript that display Geometry informations in the Viewport.


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This script helps you to use Biped's Copy/Paste more conveniently.

-Copy Collection (Create / Delete / Save / Load / Rename)
-Copy & Paste (Copy / Paste / Paste Opposite / Rename / Delete)
-it is more convenient to see, and the movement is short and fast.(No need to enter the motion panel)
-Even if you do not select the biped, the dialog maintains the connection with the biped, and even if you select another object (different bone), the copy function works well.


v1.0 Release
v1.1 Bug Fix

Prune Scene (Cleaner/Antivirus)

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With Prune Scene you can clear your 3Ds Max scene from scripted viruses and accumulated garbage. This allows in some cases to greatly reduce the size and accelerate saving of scene.

More Info

Before usage read manual: Read Full Manual

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