Spring Magic

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Si-Chung Yuan

Spring Magic is a script for adding quick secondary animation to splines,bones and biped.
Current version not supported with CAT (Character Animation Toolkit). Might support CAT in the future version.
SpringMagic is available for Max 9 and above.

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[v.0.7] initial version
Start your max, go to maxscript/run sccript, select the springmagic_07.msc and have fun =)

‧The bone chain twist motion is now available .
( twist motion is about rotation around each bone's local X axis )
‧press ESC to cancel simulation
‧Some bugs fixed.

1.support C.A.T
2.set bones number to calculation
3.support linked object(the object must align x axis)

1.remove spline bake key
2.add scale motion option

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max9, 2010
Video URL: 
springmagic_0.9.mse15.68 KB
springmagic_v1.1.zip12.03 KB


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This script was working wonderfully at first, but I must have done something wrong. When I link the master bone/node to my biped's head, then run the simulation, it returns the error: "--Unknown property: "x_rotation" in Controller:Rotation_List"

I froze rotation to see if that would fix the problem, but it did not.

The chain is a simple 3 bone chain.

It has also stopped applying spring sometimes on the last bone in a chain!

Very cool script, none-the-less!

Do you have any tips for integrating these springed bones onto a rig?

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Hi maggie88cl, Althought I

Hi maggie88cl, Althought I think the custAttribute is not the cause of this issue, you can try to delete the custAttribute which SPM7.0 apply to it . select all of the bone and run the script below in the listener custAttributes.delete $ 1

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Hi there,
I have an issue using SPM7.0, it generates a note called SPRBTM. Because of this note, my game engine can’t recognize the bone parented to it. I’d like to know how to delete this note. I’ve tried to delete all the animations, but it didn’t work out. I was wondering if anyone knows how to solve this problem. Thank you in advance.

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Works Grate con max 2012

Nice work, fast and clean.


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Detect Collision

Is there a way to detect collision and make a simulation according to those parameters?

I want my hair rig to collide with my body (mesh).

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Amazing ~

Very userful tool !
Autodesk should buy it :P

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many thanks for that!

many thanks for that!

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ok. thanks for your

thanks for your answer.

again congratulations on your Spring magic script ;)

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for notapix

splin2bone is written by SaiZyca,he hasn't announce the script.

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for mingyu:

Thanks, your script is great.
I watched the video "splin2bone", is interesting.
I try to use the script to convert splines to bones, but I do not know where I can download it.
Please, could you tell me where?
Thank you.

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