Super Poly Bridge

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Bridge faces or holes(edge borders).

Just watch the video. :)
The "Corner", "Smooth" and "Bezier" button change the type of spline knots.
The "Points:" spinner add knots to spline.
The "< Prev." and "Next >" button select the previous/next spline knots.
"Taper Amount" and "Taper Curve" set the amount and the curve value of faces bрidge.
The "Bridge segm" spinner sets the segments of the bridge.
The "Interactive" button turn On/Off interactive mode(watch the video).

New in ver. 1.1:

- adding control points will not destroy the spline shape

- Rebuild Bridge - select face bridge, convert it to spline, made changes and create the bridge again

- Soft Selection and Relax(almost interactive) built in the UI. - idea by obliviboy.

New in ver.1.2

- can bridge holes - watch the seccond video.

New in ver.1.3

- space evenly edges in bridge along longest edge loops

New in ver.1.4
- can bridge more than 2  face:
- Rebuild Bridge is supported by Interavtive mode
- RMB+Rebuild Bridge will create straight line
- Ring Space - space evenly every ring edges of the bridge.
- Lenght Space - space evenly the bridge along its lenght.
- cw and ccw - will rotate(twist) the end faces of the bridge

Watch the video demonstration.

Installation: Drag and drop the mzp file in 3ds max. Go to Customize-Customize User Interface-"miauu" category.



Version Requirement: 
tested on max 2009 (should work in older versions too!)
Video URL: 
miauusuperpolybridge_14.mzp62.69 KB


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great tool... thanks.

great tool...
3d Artist  

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luxxeon, now the script comes

luxxeon, now the script comes with installer and will properly install SuperPolyBridge in all max versios.


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The script works on max2012

The script works on max2012 64bit. The problem is that in win7(maybe in Vista too) the mzp can't install the script, because the max root/scripts folder is locked and the mzp can't copy the SPB files to maxRoot/scripts folder. I will fix this later this day.

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you could try open the mzp

you could try open the mzp file and drag the .mse file to max viewport to see if its working with max 2012 or not....

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Not working on 3dsmax 2012 64bit

This script is exactly what I need. It allows me to make bridge functions like in Topmod, but it's only working on the 32bit version of 3ds2012, and not the 64bit. Can you fix this or tell me what i can do to get it working on 64 bit version?

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No problem to add Edit Poly

No problem to add Edit Poly modifier support. The problems comes from the way that edit_poly modifier "extrude along spline" works. The script use the extrude along spline to create the poly bridge. Watch the video.

To work properly the "Align to face normal" checkbox must be turned off, but then the extrusion is ....squashed. To get the proper extrusion I have to turn on the "Align to face normal", but then the extrudet faces not follow the spline.


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Edit Poly Modifier Support

Do you think you could support to use a Edit Poly Modifier
instead of just the Edit Poly Object? That would be amazing :)

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wow... cooll

wow... cooll

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Hi, Anubis! I already give

Hi, Anubis! I already give my vote for this suggestion but... as you say "I hope some day ADSK to extend MXS with "on error event handle for rollouts""

The UI is changed and the titlebar is visible. :)

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