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Keens Batch Exporter

22 votes

Batch export all objects in your scene as separate files to any file type 3ds max supports.
-Exported files use the object names in the scene.
-option to export files using their indivdual pivots as the scene origen(center objects to 0 -0 -0).
-export all objects - only selected/deselected objects.
-Asign prefixes to file names at export.

Quake III MD3 Importer Public Beta

6 votes

Loads animations. tags. skin files and more. (Max 4.2 compatible)

.ply file importer

9 votes

Here is a maxscript that reads a .ply file and creates a mesh for it (note that for big meshes this is very. very slow).

Google Earth Exporter

4 votes

Export Google Earth models from 3D Studio Max 7!

ArchiCAD import wizard

14 votes

ArchiCAD import wizard takes care of your exported ArchiCADâ„¢ geometry. it allows filtering out unwanted objects and cleans up the geometry by welding overlapping vertices - without affecting the shape - or degrading detail quality. it also creates a named selection set for every import step - allowing better scene management.

BFF - Bobo's File Format

28 votes

BFF - Bobo's File Format - formerly known as Back From Five - is a MAXScript based object exporter under development.
It lets you transfer basic object information between different versions of 3ds max using a MAXScript intermediate format.

No importer is required!


5 votes

Add and Edit Scene X-Ref objects en-masse.

Mesh Baker

8 votes

Changes animated mesh modifiers to vertex animation. Useful for game exporting.


66 votes


The purpose of this script is to give an easy and full access to XML files: creation, reading and modifications
It is intented to be used with the same flexibility as a library: instanciate the structure where you need it
in your code and use the member functions to manipulate the XML files.

WkXmlLibrary - A WerwacK script at www.werwackfx.com

This script strongly relies on the DotNet interface.


12 votes

Here is a super simple script that will auto open your last saved file when MAX starts up. You can also have it prompt you to open the last file.

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