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13 votes

"Import utility for importing generic .CSM (Character Studio Marker) motion capture data as animated point helpers. New: fff"

Lightgen Converter

6 votes

This script imports a txt file which was generated by Lightgen for Hdrshop. The difference to normal Skydome scripts is that the lights are very accurate since they were generated from an hdr image. Features include the ability to define the brightness - saturation and the samplerange of the shadowmaps.


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"The standard View Image File - opens my avi's in mediaplayer7... Even while I binded avi to mediaplayer 6.4 - (in WinXP) - this one will open ANY file to it's corresponding program based on what Window's thinks - not what Max thinks. It also has the open in RAMplayer entry - so that a selected file opens in the RAMplayer without having to open the RAMplayer and then load a file.

Write Ani File

5 votes

Saves tranform animation for selected objects to a text file.

Save 3DS Sequence

4 votes

Exports a set of sequentially numbered 3DS files - from animated objects in MAX.

Mass Export

4 votes

Exports all MAX files in a directory to the specified file type.

Import 3DS Sequence

3 votes

Imports a set of sequentially numbered 3DS files - creating an animated mesh in MAX.

Read Mo Cap Data

3 votes

Need to get some Motion Capture data into Max? This script might help.

Meshes Catalog

9 votes

Meshes Catalogue is a utility making it possible to obtain a label of returned scenes of a repertory in order to visually identify them as with a board contact. It is possible to parameterize the point of view - to carry out one made telegraphic - faceté or textured.


4 votes

Utility Script that takes a bmp file and creates a text file with all the necessary info to rebuild the image in a script. The script output is in the form of (x - y - num of pix in x - color as p3).

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