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Vertex Aligner

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A 3dsMax Script for Aligning Vertices by 2 or 4 Points

it Works with [Poly/Mesh/Shapes].

Install: Drag and drop the downloaded mzp file to 3dsmax viewport or from Scripting Menu/Run Script. after that you can find it in _My Sceripts_ Category, you can add it to quad menu or toolbar or assign shortcut to it.

How It Works:


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And all this works by single button

v.10.3 Fixed bug fo select similar elements
v.10.2 Added select similar elements by selected element (the number of polygons of an element is compared). Добавлено: выделение похожих элементов по выделенному элементу (сравнивается количество полигонов элемента)

Distance Shift

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Distance Shift

Скрипт для точного изменения расстояния выделенных точек или объекта по вектору двух выбранных точек

Установки, перетащить в 3dsmax, после установки вытащить кнопку или назначить хоткей на Distance Shift в категории RUST Script


основные функции:

- замеряем длину между точками


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All this works by single hotkey.

Shape Vertex Aligner

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3dsMax Script for aligning shape vertices by 2 or 4 points

  • By 2 Points each vertex will be aligned depending on its segment direction.

  • By 4 Points - the first 2 Points will determine the direction.

  • with Alt Execute the vertex will be aligned perpendicularly.

Subobjects Converter

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When importing models, there is often a single first smoothing group when the object is broken into elements. When seams are welded together, the result is not a model with faces, but a monolithic piece by Smoothing group.
To solution this problem: In subobjects 5 (Elements) added a function to assign a different smoothing group to each element. To RUN this function press ESC+5. After that all seams of surfaces can be soldered normally.


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Quick tools in one place. Dockbar!


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If you work in vfx field then you will appreciate this tool, VTrack is a vertices tracking scripted tool that allows you to track a selected vertex or an averaged vertices position of a deformed mesh (Alembic or point cached) and create a point helper with a backed animation of the tracked position.

You can use it later as a source for your effect ( blood burst, explosion... you name it) or you can turn on that point animation trajectory so you can visualize the animation path of that area in the mesh.

Refine By Distance

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3DS Max Script to Add 2 Vertices on each Selected Vertex by Specific Distance or to All Vertices if no Vertex Selected . Left of the Vertex will be Towered the Previous Vertex . Work on Multi Selected Shapes .

Box From Vertices

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Simple Script to Create Box from Selected Vertices (You can use it as snap reference)
The Box Rotation Depends on the Current Coordinate System :
- local , Parent , Node.Transform .
- other than that it'll use the view system .
- it works with (Poly,Mesh) Objects or Modifiers , and shapes (will be Converted to editable Spline) .
The Created Box Name will be "Box_Helper" placed in Layer Called "Snap_Helpers" .

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