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Version: 1.0.6
If you have several animations in 1 file and want a quick way to switch between them, this script might be useful for you.
TimeLine Control lets you create a list of named time ranges. Also add, remove, rename and sort items in this list. List is stored in INI and automatically loaded on next opening of your max file.
Docks above max timeline for quick and easy access.

UI screenshot

Yes. There is a few similar scripts for same general purpose. Some are pretty complex. TimeLine Control is simple yet powerful and I didn't saw same fancy sorting options anywhere ;)

Additional Info: 

- Bug fixes. A lot.
Script didn't expect that INI might have few keys missing or have wrong class of values.
- Debug section of settings now has "default INI" button. Use it if you get errors from missing/corrupted INI files.

- Autocomplete functionality can be turned on or off in settings.
Autocomplete OFF - mimics behavior of max dropdownlist. Click anywhere to open list. Text is not editable.
Autocomplete ON - type first letters of animation to switch to it. Mouse cursor should be inside rangeList field to type. Click button to open list.
- Moved "open INI-storage folder" to debug section of settings.
- Range list height is adjustable via settings.

- Camera Position functionality was dropped.
- max 2014 is supported (had to rewrite the whole thing, to use dotnet combobox instead of dropdownlist, which appears to be buggy).
- Sort by Name is now case insensitive.
- Animation Range field now has autocomplete. Kind of. Type first few letters of desired animation range name and list will switch to it, changing timeline accordingly.
- Two new controls for easy access to animation playback loop and speed.
12 - animation playback Loop
13 - animation playback Speed
14 - NA
15 - open INI-storage folder
16 - close TimeLine Control

- Each range now has a viewport camera position associated with it.
It is stored automatically on range creation or you can manually update existing one. Checkbox provided to toggle this functionality.
It will only work for Perspective view.
- When naming or renaming range, focus is set to editable text field.
- When naming or renaming range, you can also use Enter or Tab to confirm.
- Made range name dropDownList wider to support longer names and to remove unnecessary scrolling.
- Fixed crash on manual sorting spinner while there is no ranges.
- Fixed countless crashes produced by new camera positioning system 8)
- Max versions prior to 2009 is not supported.
14 - manually update stored camera position
15 - check if you want camera position to change according to selected range

Now should work in latest 3ds max versions.

Fixed INI corruption on file save.

1 - add range to list
2 - current range
3 - move current range in list(manual sorting)
4 - rename current range
5 - sort list by range names (sample result shown above button)
6 - sort list by range frames (sample result shown above button)
7 - delete current range from list
8 - first frame of animation range
9 - last frame of animation range
10 - go to previous key
11 - go to next key
12 - open INI-storage folder
13 - close TimeLine Control

TimeLine Control is based on Time_Controlv0.1 by Ayoub Mahmoudi. I can't reach the author anymore, nor were I able to find original script page at ScriptSpot. While searching I did found another Time Control, thus decided to change the title of my script and release it as standalone version rather than update, as I did before that.

Version Requirement: 
1.0.2 - max 9-2013, 1.0.3 - max 2009-2013, 1.0.4-6 max ?-2014
timeline_control_v1.0.6.ms19.18 KB
timeline_control_v1.0.5.ms17.32 KB
timeline_control_v1.0.4.ms14.89 KB
timeline_control_v1.0.3.ms13.11 KB
timeline_control_v1.0.2.ms9.98 KB
timeline_control_v1.0.1.ms9.88 KB
timeline_control_v1.0.4.gif7.61 KB


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awesome script : ]
but sadly the ini file is not working for me in 3dsmax 2011/2012
once u load the same file again its all gone : (

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Great script.Very useful.


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