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Universal Transform has Alot of Featuers for Moving Rotating Scaling Randomizing Scattering Objects and Working with Pivot and Working Pivot and More .

The Script has 5 Modes (Move, Rotate, Scale, Pivot, Random) . and 3 Type of Auto Switching to Switch Between Them (to not Get Confussed) .

The 3 Auto Modes is (Auto T, Auto D, and The MacroScript (Universal Transform - Auto Switch)) .

- it has 3 Options :

1- By Spinners or (Type-in) .

2- By Object (Picking another Object from the Scene) .

3- By Points (Picking 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 Points) deppend on The Mode you Working on (Move, Rotate, Scale, Pivot) .

- The Main Thing is that this Script Apply the Changes to Selected Objects or Groups (No Selection Nothing Happen or Some Random Errors :) )

- Almost Everything in The Script Has a Tooltip to Explain what it should do .

- The Script is Deppend on (Reference Coordinate System and Center) and Support All Type of it .

- From Clone You Can Choose Between Copy or Instance or NoCopy .

- On Scale Mode the Left Spinners are for Scale by Dimensions .

How to Install or Uninstall :

Drag and Drop (Universal Transform v1.0.mzp) to Max Viewport or Run it from (Scripting Menu - Run Script) .

Finaly I Mixed alot of Free Scripts and Tips from this Site and other sites, so Thanks to all who Sharing info .

UPDATE Version 1.15 :

- Add Extended Measure Show Dimension of Selected Object in View and Local Axis or Picked Object Axis .

- Video Added to Explain the install and How it works .

- About Transforming BY POINTS  :

   - PIVOT and MOVE Modes - 1 or 2 Points .

   - ROTATE and SCALE Modes - 2 or 3 or 4 Points .

- About Pivot Probleme in The Video its Fixed .

- The Color of Rubberban for Making Group is Magenta

UPDATE Version 1.17 :

- Right Spinners Removed from Move and Rotate (no need for it).

- (By Points) Button not Visible if TrackBar Visible .

- Scale by 3 Points Work as expected (in Local and Object Coordsys) even if the 3 Points not at the Same Line .

UPDATE Version 1.18 :

- Transform [BY OBJECT] now work as expected in (MOVE MODE) and (PIVOT MODE) .

- Note: Transform [BY OBJECT] (PIVOT MODE) Work in (VIEW COORDINATE) if the current reference coordinate system is VIEW or (LOCAL COORDINATE) in all other Cases .

UPDATE Version 1.19 :

-  Add Random Mirror Mode (After Checking Random Mirror Button you need to Check Axis Button to Apply the Mirror on this Axis)

*NOTE : The Mirror Depends on Current Coordinate System and Center .

- Keep old Array When Applying New Array on New Selected Object , Fixed .

Extended Measure Tools :

Scale by 3 Points Fixed


 Random Mirror  :


UPDATE Version 1.3 :

- Add Separate Axis to the other Two Transforms Option For BY OBJECT Alignment .

- Fast Scatter Now Work on All Selected Objects .


UPDATE Version 1.31 :

- Fixed Some Issues with the Macros .


UPDATE Version 1.31.1 :

Fixed Move Objects By Points (1 Point and 2 Points) On Specific Axis was not Working .

Video URL: 
universal_transfor__v1.31.1.mzp26.14 KB


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missed ui

i mean that i need to hide timeline to show the all interface.

thanks again very useful script

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Can you show me a screenshot of the problem like out of screen!?
But sure if I used rollout instead of dialog.
But I prefer using it directly without scrolling so I will update it and put the first part (By Spinners) in deffirent rollout .

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thx for the script great work

thx for the script, great work, but would be possible scroll up and down? right now is a bit annoying

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Please Re Download

i fixed Small issue with the Macro (Auto Dialog) please re download the script.

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