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Easy to use uv mapping tools for Archviz and not only

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3dsMax 2013+
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[3.2g] – 2021.04

New. 3ds Max 2022 support.
New. Super Stitcher. Stitches many elements sequentially.
New. Align In Place. Optionally Loop and Ring before align.
New. (Geom Tools) UV to 3D and vice versa. Non-destructive workflow.
New. Checker. Assign previous checker from the folder (Shift+Click).
New. Checker. Disable tiling option.
New. Checker. 2 new textures with stripes.
New. Checker. Disable unnecessary checker textures in settings.
New. UV Smooth to Editable Poly baseobject.
New. Planar mapping “Element centers” option.
Improved. New UV Tools Settings dialog.
Improved. Use Unwrap Pro plugin option in Settings (only if installed).
Improved. Removing checker also cleans internal Unwrap texture list.
Improved. Planar mapping by element speed.
Improved. Transfer uv edges speed.
Improved. Stability, memory and speed optimizations.
Fix. Errors related to Unwrap selection filter.
Fix. Errors related to Unwrap added to selected faces.
Fix. Flatten by SmoothGroups didn’t update changed smooth groups.
Fix. Tweak and Align rare selection bug.
Fix. Tweak memory leak in max 2016+.
Fix. Collapse points by distance bug.

Documentation, gifs and videos will be updated as soon as possible.

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Amazing tool!

Amazing tool, highly recommend!
Удивительный инструмент, очень рекомендую. Крайне облегчает работу с разверткой.

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[3.2f] – 2021.02

New. Planar mapping by element. It will keep existing uv shells and seams.
New. Orient elements to longest side new algorithm. Now it will find best rotation angle automatically.
New. Collapse whole stack if no modifiers are selected.
Improved. Planar mapping “Weighted normals” option.
Improved. Bitmap to UV new method without Unwrap. A lot faster, no memory leak.
Fix. Collapse points by distance memory leak.
Fix. Interactive scale memory leak caused by unwrap bug.

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I'm so impressed. This is a monster tool!!!

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[3.2e] – 2021.01

New. Bitmap to UV. Transfer bitmap transformations to UV (tiling, offset, rotation).
New. Collapse to Poly can now be disabled in settings.
New. UnwrapPro support for Transfer selection to new modifier.
Improved. Rw to Tiling. Bitmaps offset and rotation support.
Improved. Planar Mapping now using weighted normals calculation.
Fix. Unwrap bug when relax was cancelled by Esc and next relax run with 1 iteration only.

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Unfold along UV 3ds max?

Hello NiK684. Your tools are impressive, I'd love to see a mapping function in it, like in Maya's "Unfold along U or V". This is very handy for texturing. Thank you

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[3.2d] – 2020.12

New. Grow selection to smooth surfaces. Select by Smooth Groups moved to Shift+Click.
New. Planar Mapping grow to element (Ctrl+Click).
New. Planar Mapping in World coords (Shift+Click).
Improved. Transfer edges between UV and Poly is much faster.
Fix. Planar Mapping bad alignment in some cases.
Fix. Select by Smooth Groups if no Smooth Group assigned.
Fix. Scale to size from wrong center point in some cases.

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Please try to follow

Please try to follow installation recommendations, run MZP file, not .mse.
If you are still getting this error then send me email [email protected]

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can't install

do you know why I might get this error when I try to install the script?

MAXScript Rollout Handler Exception:
-- Runtime error: fileIn: can't open file - "$userStartupScripts\UVTools_loader.mse"
-- MAXScript callstack:
-- thread data: threadID:1884

There's a lot more to the error code in the Script Listener, so if you need more of that to help assess the situation please let me know.

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