VFB+ : A Feature-rich Extension to the 3dsmax Frame Buffer

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VFB+ v2.81 is now completely free!

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 Introducing VFB+ v2.81, the advanced virtual frame buffer for Autodesk 3dsmax.

VFB+ works with any renderer which uses the native 3dsmax frame buffer, such as Scanline, Mental Ray, Final Render, IRay, VRay, Corona (when not using the renderer's custom VFB).

The frame buffer has been designed and heavily tested to fit smoothly into any production pipeline, and to streamline the rendering workflow for anyone who renders in 3dsmax.

Version 2.8 is the most powerful and feature packed release yet!

A partial list of features:

  • 32-bit per channel color correction.
  • Various correction controls including exposure, gamma, multi-channel curves, vignette, chromatic aberration, bloom, glare, blur/sharpen, speckle reduction, noise reduction, etc.
  • Depth of Field based on Z-Depth.
  • VFB+ is active while rendering, including tweaking of color correction and stamping.
  • Captures Render Elements, G-Buffer channels, and RTT elements as well as the main pass.
  • Composition guides help you tweak your image.
  • Pixel Aspect Ratio correction display.
  • 4 different A|B comparison modes.
  • Display modes for all channels.
  • Support for 3D color LUTs.
  • Realtime RGB Histogram.
  • Rich WYSIWYG stamping system with virtually any imaginable variable including arbitrary MAXScript expressions.
  • Fully documented.
  • Customizable interoperability options.
  • MAXScript interface provides access to almost all features.

See the link for download and complete details.

Version Requirement: 
3dsmax 2009-2018
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rotem's picture


There is no longer a vfbplus.dll file, it has been renamed to vfbplus.dat in order to work around an issue with 3dsmax 2012 and network installation, so the files you have are the correct files.

Regarding drag-drop installation: it seems there is an issue with drag-drop installation on Windows 7 for non-administrator user accounts. 

However, copying vfbplus.ms and vfbplus.dat to your scripts\startup\ folder like you did should work. Can you please check if you are receiving any error message in the maxscript listener after starting 3dsmax? Or try to run vfbplus.ms manually after 3dsmax has started and see if you get any message?

Please send me a PM if it does not work, I'm curious to find out what the problem is.


niighthawk's picture

Installation problem

I have windows 7 x64 3dsmax 2011 and the script dont work, i try your drag into viewport and nothing happen, i try to rename the .mzp to .zip but no .dll file in in the .zip only


i put thoses files into script/startup like you said and restard 3dsmax ... and nothing ..

help me please. i need the A | B function.

sorry for my bad english not my language.

rotem's picture

Ok, I managed to recreate

Ok, I managed to recreate this. It will not happen in newer versions.

rotem's picture

Already implemented what you

Already implemented what you described in the new version :)

About preset curve, isn't it easier to just set gamma to this value?

dub73's picture


lets say you set your final resolution to 4000x2000 pixel. Now you start lighting and testing. What do you do in max? I don't wanna render 4000x2000 px every time. So one have to change the resolution for preview purposes. In Maya you can change the render resolution to 10% 25% etc of the final resolution(4000x2000). There is a script called "RenderView Extension" that makes it quite handy in Maya. Perhaps there is a way too in Max?


one more thing :) can you integrate a preset curve which is similar to a Gamma of 0.454, like in the Vray VFB. Even though it is more then a just 0.454 correction. For preview purposes it is enough I would say.

The image history is cool !! The one from Vray is c...

dz86's picture

thank you for the great

thank you for the great script!

rotem's picture

Could you please explain this

Could you please explain this a bit more? I'm not a Maya user so I'm not familiar with the features. What is the effect of setting a preview resolution? And where do you set it?

dub73's picture

Preview Resolution

Hello, how about to integrate an option to set a preview resolution, like in Maya

10% 25% 50% 75% 100% of the final resolution / output size which is set in the render settings. I somehow miss it so far in Max

anyway, it is a great tool since the Maya render view is much more handy then the one from Max.

SaiLing's picture

It's not always happen,I will

It's not always happen,I will try to find the point
I use max 2012 ,win7 64bit.

rotem's picture

I have not come across this

I have not come across this bug, for me it works fine. Can you answer these questions:

1) Does it happen always or just sometimes?

2) What version of 3dsmax?

3) What version of windows?

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