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XFormer is a tool that will allow you recover the transformation of an object.

Some scenarios where you might want to restore an object transformation could be:

  • After a model transformation matrix was reset (Reset XForm)
  • If you have detached part of an object as another object
  • If you import a model and it is not aligned as you would expect
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Supports Poly and Mesh objects.

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3ds Max 2014 - 2022
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XFormer v2.1.1 Released

What's New

- Fixed a redraw bug that temporary aligned the object to Z axis when clicking the Apply
button or when dragging the confirmation dialog, and "Always Align to Z Axis" is checked.

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XFormer v2.1.0 Released

What's New

+ NEW Added option to always align to the Z axis and avoid the aligning step
+ NEW Now all setting in the Axis tab are saved when the tool is closed
+ Updates GUI
+ Updated Help file

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XFormer v2.0 Released

What's New

+ NEW There are now a free and a commercial version
+ NEW Added support for 3ds Max 9 SP1 with AVG extension
+ NEW Now you can define the axis using edge selection
+ NEW Added option to keep the object rotation
+ NEW Added option to place the Pivot point
+ NEW Added option to change the appearance of the Helpers
+ NEW Added Save Settings for Viewing options
+ NEW Added Help file
+ NEW Added MacroScript
+ NEW Added Installer
- Improved Support for matrices with negative determinant sign
- Improved Plane helpers now align to each other when both are set
- Improved several aspects of the GUI and interactivity
- Fixed critical bug where hiding or deleting the object could crash Max if undo the operation
- Fixed black wireframe on helpers
- Fixed bug where setting both axis together a second time could lead to wrong results
- Fixed several minor bugs
- Changed Now "Center Object in World" will not move the object until you click Apply

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@miauu, Actually the script


Actually the script currently works in "Preview" mode all the time until you click the Apply button.

So you can try all kind of alignments before you commit them.

If you have already set some alignment whiteout applying them and you deselect the object, the script will alert asking if you want to apply the changes. If you say "No", the node goes back to its original state, same as if you press the Reset button.

Having a "ghost" geometry would be nice, but I am not a friend of adding new geometry to the scene. A GW implementation would be great to have. Unfortunately GW is absolutely unreliable across different Max version and it lacks several methods.

It would be great to have a separated GW plugin, same as what AVG was in the past.

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# Bounding box preview/creation

Or preview with the copy of the object(near the object), so the user can see the final result before confirming the transformation?

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Thank you guys.Yes, keeping

Thank you guys.

Yes, keeping the current object rotation is one current missing feature.

Here is a list of some others I can think of:
# Keep pivot point position/rotation
# Align pivot point to different axis (min, max, center, selection)
# Options to change the helpers size
# Bounding box preview/creation
# Support for defining the axis from edge selection
# Support for Max 9
# Apply the transformation to a XForm modifier instead of the model

I am actually working on some of these features so stay tuned, a new release is coming out soon.

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Good suggestion of Haider of Sweden

Great script, thank you !
And it would be great to choose wether or not resetting object transformations
as said by 'Haider of Sweden'

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Keep rotation, instead of rotating back the object to 0,0,0.

Kind regards

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@airbrush, If you are talking


If you are talking about the "Move 2 Grid" function in RappaTools, then is it completely different to what XFormer does and to what it is mean to do.

BTW, buggy is different than useless!

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if its a buggy version I

if its a buggy version I wouldnt want to use it...rappatools has a similar thing of what i'm referring to.

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