Testing script/plugin I am writing, ATM it is a plugin, but controlled by a rollout(due to problems with using the plugin as it should be, using a rollout works a lot better)(the output is also a mesh, not a spline, Im using it as a plugin so that I can get results quicker)


Changed to a rollout, aswell as changing it so you enter your own expressions for the position of each knot.

A realtime clock scene

It's a clock,no animation setting for this scene.but it can go in viewport. like a real clock ,it can show real time.


SunSystem 1.0 for 3ds max daylight system is easy, fun, fast, practical solar positioned and rendering plug-in presets. 


YUZKONTROL 2.0 Command Control "Eye and wink"

Command Control:

Eye and wink joistic control.

Automatic wink animation.

need help with script

I need a script that is gonna assigned material id to a editpoly that as multisubobj
base on is geometry.
for example triangle id 1
sqare id 2
more then 4 edge id 3
less then 3 edges id 1

Scripting for Jewellery Design

I have been developing a jewellery toolbar for parametric jewellery design using maxscript. The toolbar allows the user to specify a control surface, a prototype jewel and places instances of it on the surface according to specific jewellery design rules. The jewels can then be surrounded by 'teeth' again placed according to strict rules. The designer can modify the spacing, the rotation and other parameters.

Accelerometer data in 3dsmax


can any body help me out with the script ....Please

how can i trace out a line of the inner periphery i.e. the red area in the attached image
through a script

Un saludo para todos

Es n día muy especial para mi.

Me autoincluyo en una grandisima comunidad de personas que trabajan para otros sin mas premio que un "gracias"



Some images from my weaving script in 3ds Max MAXSCRIPT

Weaving 01

Weaving 02

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