Nice new feature, this blog! Let's see how easy this is to use.

And the first Script submission is up!

Do give a try to the VRay tools, fellow scripters (and elected users, at this time), and let me know if and how you'd like them to change/expand/be curtailed.

I'm hungry for critiques!

Thanks to you all,


Here we go!

A new site, loads of work from Chris, is upon us...

Finally, a place where users and scripters can meet, discuss, flame and make friends, and ultimately grow for the better.

I'm as excited for this as i was for my first day at school...
Wish-he-was-a-Dev suit up, let's get rolling!!!


Did I mention PRIZES?

We have quite a few prizes lined up. Great prizes like training, software and a brand new 3d workstation. Stay tuned!

A new year, a new ScriptSpot!

We've finally made it! After years of running a home grown, ASP based site, ScriptSpot is now powered by a robust open source content management system and running on a high powered dedicated server.

New Beginnings!

The last 5.5 years have been an amazing ride, and at times I wasn't even sure I wanted to do ScriptSpot anymore. Fortunately a few months ago my wife and I decided we'd take the plunge and invest a substantial amount of money into totally revamping the site.
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