Another Diagrid Image

Another diagrid image (3D Mesh).


Recursive Branching

A couple of screen shots of my recursive branching script. The same script can be used for both orthogonal as well as organic-looking models by specifying a range. The script then picks a random value from that range which gives us that recognisable 'natural' look. I have attached two images that the script created: one orthogonal and one organic. I hope you like it :)



Watch my Diagrid Maxscript in action on Vimeo!

Lines Sets


Lines Sets(Lines Set_02)

In this chapter we change also the positions of the lines themselves during the vertices positions changing gradually..


Im new to 3ds maxscript. I wanted to create an animation of a selection where each object of the selection moves to a position say 10 units in Z from its current position in a sequence of 100 frames

i have so far go

for i in $ do
(move i [0,0,25])

Need Your Help

Hi there,
I have an issue using SPM7.0, it generates a note called SPRBTM. Because of this note, my game engine can’t recognize the bone parented to it. I’d like to know how to delete this note. I’ve tried to delete all the animations, but it didn’t work out. I was wondering if anyone knows how to solve this problem. Thank you in advance.

Feliz Navidad 2011 - 2012

can 3ds Max Design be used as a BIM?

The idea is to enhance 3ds Max Design with a collection of scripts that will allow data extraction in a building information model fashion so models developed in Max can be used with companion softwares (Acad and Excel-like software) to output plans, sections, schedules and material take offs.
Is it practical?

Nodebox by matteo simion

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