VRIMG2EXR automator

Hi guys,
I've made a script to automate vrimg2exr work (requires python 3.2)


it's made to be used trough command line in windows (but in a few minutes you could use it under linux or os/x) typing "python namefile.vrimg"

If you've got more than one frame, you can use jolly character (namefile.*) and the script will find all frame in the directory, converting each one, extracting channels and renaming it ("namefile_channelname_framenumber.exr")

Use it and let me know if it's as good for you as it's for me :)


Ccom Map Baker V1.0

1. Easy hide unhide delete low poly object, high poly object
2. Auto Import highpolygon
3. Single Import highpolygon
4. Auto Map Baking
5. Auto Map Flattern

[auto baking map and flattern map]
comming soon english version homepage


It's just an example of a mesh modified with Lathe Modifier and Scale Animation.


This is not too detailed but it's an example of work between Objects , Particle Soources and Forces.

Fire Burnin'

This is my first rendered project;)

Water Effect

There are Caustics Enabled too and in the top of scene it's a plane with a special material raytraced .


Those Diamonds are rendered with mental ray too , in Max 2010 , with caustics enabled .

Shattering Glass render result in 3Ds Max 2010

This project was rendered in mental ray and action had made with RayFire . It's a project made by a tutorial but is my first success for a Beginner .

About MMMT

I want to make a random color option for VRayMultiSubTex and Multi/Sub-Map (mental ray) , but the only solution is that every time I have to create a new map to be able to get a different color. Obviously, the map does not act as a MultiSubObject material. Does anyone have a solution for this problem?

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