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Bugs, videos and documentation

Thought I would drop a little update on my progress on the modifier. I have added some more functions, among some randomize objects, use of splines in array, and some more practical fixes, like linking array objects to the dummy or custom object.

I got a functional version of it now, but haven't bug tested it properly yet and I would like like to make another video to showing off the new features first. Also need to do some dull work in the shape of some proper documentation. Think I need to drop the text file and have something where I can use images as well.

WIP Array Modifier v0.82

Yawn, its past midnight and I'm tired, was hoping to finish this before I went to bed, but its still teasing a bit. However, I managed to get splines to work with the array, which is great.

I need to make a new video of the new features in the Array Modifier, and make an proper help file I think. Could just make a text file, but would like to have some images of the UI to point to for explanation. Going to look into how you can make .hlp files tomorrow, when I'm finished the script (cross my fingers).

A plea to script writers

There are many scripts that come with values entered into spinners by default as primer. When working with the script/plugin one can get of track quickly by changing the default value. A default button "D" would be a great help for the users to get back to the start.

I respectively ask the max script writers community to embrace the following as a standard.

Please included value reset and default buttons to all spinners.


rollout myroll "default reset example"
      GroupBox grp1 "default reset button" width:158 height:35	pos:[3,2]


Hello there,

Just a quick introduction to who/what I am, and what I am not.

I am 45 years old and after several jobs, including a stint in HM Armed Forces, I worked in IT for a "Government Institution" for over 10 years until I was made redundant a little over 5 years ago.



Facial control is facial animation plugin for 3ds max intended as an assistant. morph target coordinated , transportation, and animation to facilitate the selection of a joistik control plugin .

ListView checkboxes

hy everyone. i m new to dotnet so i need to know how to get value of check boxes of listviews in a array are varible. for example. evertime i click on its check box it should save based on wether it is checked or not.....

3ds Max Rigger - WANTED !

Cartoon-Film is looking for a talented
to join our feature production team
• you are a highly experienced 3ds Max character rigger with good knowledge of CAT- & custom rigs
• scripting, skinning and the implementation of corrective blendshapes (skin morphers) are your playground
• implementing creative ideas and solutions within pipeline contraints is natural to you
• communications (english) and collaboration are one of your main qualities

help wanted


got few free plugins but actually i dont have a visual studio licence i d like to redo a specific build for each max version if someone is interested in this, let me know
thak u

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