KSV (Kostasoft Stereo Viewer) - NVidia 3D Vision and Autodesk 3DS Max

Unfairly disadvantaged by stereo ability 3DS Max 2010 (even Maya has the ability to browse viewport in stereo, but only with professional graphics videocards), finally had the opportunity to not only demonstrate own charms in a viewport stereo mode, but also make a custom render of frames and show them in stereo.

Snap2Object Tool

Maxscript to align an Object to the face normal of a geometry object (Mesh, Poly, Patch or NURBS).
Similar to AutoGrid, but for existing custom objects.

Mousetracking function has been used as reference from Borislav Petrov, Martin Coven, Adrian Tysoe, Martin Breidt script


和vex,hda 还有 hscript混合使用,确实很不得了,用maxscipt的思路来构建hython 确实是很爽的,但语法上我觉得有点繁琐 比如说
在maxscipt构建一个正方形,其语法为 a=box() 但用hython来构建 其语法为 geo=hou.node("/obj").createNode("geo")

How to create a ball that rotates when it moves, even if is scaled, squashed or stretched

This is my first tutorial. It's a step by step guide to create a ball and be able to animate it so the ball rotates automatically, even if is changing its size in the animation. The ball can also rotate when its shape is deformed.

I tried to make it very simple, with the necessary explanations where I tought where need it, and it has a lot of pictures. It's easy to understand even for someone who doesn't have a lot of experience with 3ds Max.

I hope you find it useful.

My published MaxScripts

I was added RSS feed link to my forum signature to can find easy my recent (30) published MaxScripts, but also I wish to make easy accessible all of my MaxScripts, and there is my Archive (simple XML sheet).

10 year anniversary coming up and some changes too...

10 years. Wow. The ScriptSpot 10 year anniversary will be coming up in May 2010. More news to follow.

New here!

Just created my account, let's see if I can understand scripting!

Lego Rendering

I was feeling like "Lego" this morning, so I grabbed this model from the 3d warehouse:

Lego Star Wars Snow-Speeder

manipulators in moveable window?

Hi.Does anyone know of a way to take existing 3d max slider manipulators and stick them inside of a separate window that I can then move around? This way they are not cluttering up my view ports. I run 2 monitors, so it would be nice to have the manipulators off to side in the other monitor. Thanks -T

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