MEL and MAXScript



Last updated: February 19, 2005, 6:50pm PST


This document follows the MEL User Guide describing the concepts and usage of the Maya Embedded Language and presents the differences and similarities in syntax and usage to the 3ds max scripting language - MAXScript (usually abbreviated as MXS).


This reference is intended to help MEL users to start coding in MAXScript, and MAXScript users to quickly jump into MEL.


Color Coding

The following color codes are used throughout the document to help you identify the software package the text is referring to:


General comments are in BLACK.

The descriptions and examples shown in RED apply to the MEL scripting language.

The descriptions and examples shown in BLUE apply to MAXScript.

References to other scripting languages are shown in GREEN.




This document includes descriptions and source code from the MEL User Guide by Alias shipping with Maya Unlimited 4.5. It might be be updated to reflect version 6 later.

This document reflects the MAXScript language as of 3ds max version 7.0