360 product photo generator wanted! Will pay $100 or more

I'm part of a startup that needs the ability to create 360 deg product shots. I need to automate the process, the input is any .obj file, the output is a number of .png's taken at various angles around the model that altogether create a 360deg animation. Here are the steps I envision being needed for the script:

1. Load model
2. identify 'front'
3. create and center camera at appropriate distance to show entire model with small margins
4. create 3-point lighting around object
5. create animation, or keyframe various angles of camera rotating on horizontal plane around object based on user desired # of pictures 'N' (so the angle between shots will be 360/N)
6. render each frame of animation to output .png's with alpha channel, output size should also be a user input into this script.

That's it! I think for someone familiar with 3ds max script, it should be fairly simple, it will take me more than $100 of my time to figure this out. If someone can simply find it on the web for me I will offer $100 as well. I can work through elance or odesk for payment if desired. Must demonstrate that it works through a video if not using elance.