animation by object name

Hello. I need an advice

I have a lot of object in the scene. each object is a phase in animation. so i need to "see" each object only in one specific frame. There is number in objects name to specify the frame that it belongs to. (morphing would not work because object have different meshes)

I thing there are to ways to achieve that. First is ading visibility keyframes to objects, so each object will be visible only on one specific frame.

Seconnd way is to move all objects away from camera, and on each frame taking only one i need and move back towards camera. In other words the same way as the first one , but with position keyframes instead of visibility keyframes.

So I am looking for a script that will generate an animation for objects, by analizing its names. Or i can make the same animation for all objects and then script should move keyframes depending on objects name.

Does anyone ever faced the same problem?
Maybe there is a script that could do that?

I don`t have any sripting skills so i will apreceate any help