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Material Editor Manager, MEM -- updated

I recently updated my MEM macroscript up to version 1.0. It is currently under Alpha2 status and under further development. Any comments and suggestions are very welcome...

--> http://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/material-editor-manager-mem


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Max to Sunflow Exporter v0.24 released

I've released another new version of the SunFlow Exporter. This one adds a few features and bugfixes:

- adds support for Hair and Fur modifiers
- adds support for the Amb-Occ shader
- adds support for Multi/Sub-Object materials
- adds a "Skip geometry" checkbox. Useful if you've already exported your geometry, and just want to fiddle with the materials or sunflow settings

Max to Sunflow Exporter v0.22 released

I've released a new version of the SunFlow Exporter. This one adds a number of small features and bugfixes:

- adds the "Enable Jitter" option to the Sampling settings
- adds support for spherical cameras (the old exporter only had support for the fisheye camera)
- adds an option for importance sampling to the IBL settings
- adds a setting for SunSky turbidity

Refresh your browsers...

Some slights CSS changes tonight, refresh your browsers to see the latest...

Tuned up the search...

With drupal you can weight the default search engine with 4 different qualities - keywords, views, comments and date. I've reworked the weights and made keyword results significantly more important than the rest which in my tests is generating much more accurate search results. Give it a shot...

having problems starting network rendering on 3ds max


need help on network rendering on 3ds max9 using backburner. although backburner runs well on individual machines but across network the servers are unable to locate the manager. can anyone provide solutions.


Conform Script

Conform a surface (Edit Poly) to other.

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