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Please be specific in your comments / wishes / criticism

While I welcome constructive criticism about the current state of ScriptSpot I would ask that you keep your comments specific. For instance (I'm paraphrasing) - "the new site isn't as good as the old site" or "the navigation now isn't any good" ... Its very difficult for me to come up with a solution when I don't exactly know the problem...

T_T Can anyone help me please. Modify a Script

Ive been trying to modify this script
its a script that generates material ids into an selected objects in max
the problem is it only works on 'vray materials'
ive was trying to modify it into a 'standard material' but i cant get it to work
can anyone help me please
I would really appreciate anyone.
I have attach the script.

sorry for my bad english

Adobe Flash player of embed videos on scripspot


I think it's time to remove Adobe Flash player from embed videos on scriptspot. Please change player to HTML5, because almost all browsers stop supporting Adobe Flash.

Thank you!

load last scene by date

Hello, is someone here knows how to find the last scene by modification date?
by advance, thanks

camName = "100_20"
LoadPath = getFiles ("Z:\\prod\\"+camName+"\\"+camName+"*.max")
-- open last scene by date founded:
if LoadPath.count != 0 do
for f in LoadPath do
-- open last scene
resetMaxFile #noPrompt
loadMAXFile f quiet:true

4K resolution fix for max 2016

Is there any script or plugin which fixes a notorious 4k resolution display problem with 3ds max 2016?

any idea? a normal tricks creating manifest and trouble shooting is not 100% accurate. Max 2016 behaves like nobody in autodesk team ever thought about upcoming 4K monitors during development of 2016.



There are no more favorites? I can see  my favorites in My Account, but I don't know how to add or edit my favorites list...


Status update - Feb 2015 downtime

Quick status update on the downtime experienced in the past day. ScriptSpot was apparrently the victim of a DDOS style attack. There will be further updates done Friday to minimize chances of this happening again.

Feature request: Script Requests Section

A section on the site that will allow users to request script would be handy.


locking actual physical camera settings

Hi everyone! This is first post, sorry if i sound too much like a newb.:)

I was just wondering if there is a script that makes the VrayPhysicalCamera behave like an actual physical camera, warts and all? im studying photography at the moment, and what i mean is real cameras have discrete (albeit customizable) f-stops, shutterspeeds and iso's..

so what im saying is, i think if the rollout settings on the vrayphysicalcam can somehow be locked (if you want to) to go from, say, f/1.4 -> 2.0 -> 2.8 and shutterspeeds at 1/8 -> 1/15 -> 1/30 sec., etc.

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