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BFF - Bobo's File Format

28 votes

BFF - Bobo's File Format - formerly known as Back From Five - is a MAXScript based object exporter under development.
It lets you transfer basic object information between different versions of 3ds max using a MAXScript intermediate format.

No importer is required!


5 votes

Add and Edit Scene X-Ref objects en-masse.


12 votes

Here is a super simple script that will auto open your last saved file when MAX starts up. You can also have it prompt you to open the last file.

Google Earth Exporter

4 votes

Export Google Earth models from 3D Studio Max 7!

Lightgen Converter

6 votes

This script imports a txt file which was generated by Lightgen for Hdrshop. The difference to normal Skydome scripts is that the lights are very accurate since they were generated from an hdr image. Features include the ability to define the brightness - saturation and the samplerange of the shadowmaps.

PLY Export

10 votes

Export utility for exporting editable meshes to .PLY ASCII or Binary format with support for vertex colors.

Merge by selection set

3 votes

"This script has two functions:

  • one is a new merge dialog that allows you to merge by selection set. It does miss some features of the max merge - see interface snapshot.
  • Mesh Baker

    8 votes

    Changes animated mesh modifiers to vertex animation. Useful for game exporting.

    .ply file importer

    9 votes

    Here is a maxscript that reads a .ply file and creates a mesh for it (note that for big meshes this is very. very slow).

    Quake III MD3 Importer Public Beta

    6 votes

    Loads animations. tags. skin files and more. (Max 4.2 compatible)