Tagged 'I/O'

Lightscape Bitmaps

3 votes

Converts bitmaps that are not supported by Lightscape in supported bitmaps - and cropped bitmaps to non-cropped ones.

Note Tracks

3 votes

Two scripts - NoteTrack_Extractor will write an ASCII file with ALL NoteTracks in a scene. NoteTrack_Importer will read this ASCII scene and let you import any of the exported tracks to any object track in the current scene.

Batcher Utility

2 votes

"Script written for batch processing Max files. It allows you to apply any number of macro scripts to a whole list of files. If your have a list of operations that can be scripted and executed without user input - this is a wonderful tool to apply such scripts to many files."

Quake II .MD2 Importer

8 votes

"gmax script for importing Quake2 .MD2 files. features:

  • Full geometry import
  • Full texture co-ordinate import (but no skins - see Known Issues)
  • Full animation import (select 'Load all frames')
  • "


    3 votes

    "The standard View Image File - opens my avi's in mediaplayer7... Even while I binded avi to mediaplayer 6.4 - (in WinXP) - this one will open ANY file to it's corresponding program based on what Window's thinks - not what Max thinks. It also has the open in RAMplayer entry - so that a selected file opens in the RAMplayer without having to open the RAMplayer and then load a file.

    KenamicK AutoSave

    7 votes

    This is AutoSave MacroScript for 3dsmax 5 or latter.

    VIZable Maker 1.5a

    3 votes

    Allows you to create VIZable HTML and support files to be posted on the web.

    ILLUSION Exporter

    8 votes

    Exports 3D world coordinates as 2D screen coordinates to use as Position Data in the 'Particle Illustion' by Wondertouch.

    Kingpin MDX Importer

    13 votes

    "gmax script for importing Kingpin .MDX model files. features:

  • Either single base frame or full animation import
  • Automatic texture import
  • Archiver

    6 votes

    Allows you to archive your VIZ file and all textures needed. Works similar to File/Archive - which is not working in VIZ R3.