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VIZable Maker 1.5a

3 votes

Allows you to create VIZable HTML and support files to be posted on the web.


8 votes

Exports 3D world coordinates as 2D screen coordinates to use as Position Data in the 'Particle Illustion' by Wondertouch.


5 votes

Add and Edit Scene X-Ref objects en-masse.

Kingpin MDX Importer

13 votes

"gmax script for importing Kingpin .MDX model files. features:

  • Either single base frame or full animation import
  • Automatic texture import
  • jhOpenLastSaved

    12 votes

    Here is a super simple script that will auto open your last saved file when MAX starts up. You can also have it prompt you to open the last file.

    Google Earth Exporter

    4 votes

    Export Google Earth models from 3D Studio Max 7!


    6 votes

    Allows you to archive your VIZ file and all textures needed. Works similar to File/Archive - which is not working in VIZ R3.


    4 votes

    3DS ASCII file import - fixed some bugs - implemented Batch-Import - autosaving to MAX file - Material support... Not encrypted anymore

    Position Exporter

    7 votes

    A utility created for the exporting of editablemesh vertex and particle positions. It will save a text file for you with each frames vertex and particle positions. Additionally you can inlcude particle age and velocity.

    I-Drop Publisher

    7 votes

    "Helps you to create a simple Web site based on your MAX/VIZ objects library. The created Web pages can be copied on your Web server or on a CD-ROM.The Web pages are based on customizable HTML templates.Supported features:

  • thumbnail generation of the model
  • thumbnail generation and hyperlinking of texture maps and photometric files
  • model information such as dimensions.