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Wavefront OBJ Importer

4 votes

"Script for importing Wavefront .OBJ files - together with their associated .MTL material definition files. Wavefront OBJ files can be exported from many different programs including Lightwave - Poser and Milkshape 3D. br>1.1 Update: Removed gmax specific functions. so it now works on 3DSMAX R3/4 & gmax"

ArchiCAD import wizard

14 votes

ArchiCAD import wizard takes care of your exported ArchiCADâ„¢ geometry. it allows filtering out unwanted objects and cleans up the geometry by welding overlapping vertices - without affecting the shape - or degrading detail quality. it also creates a named selection set for every import step - allowing better scene management.


21 votes

This script was written by Larry Minton. It was originally called LoadAndSaveAll.ms.

I simply have made A FEW modifications to process .stl files.
The script imports all .stl files found in a given directory (and sub-directories, if desired), then saves them out as a .max of the root same name to the same source directory.
The import uses the most recent settings.

PLY Export

10 votes

Export utility for exporting editable meshes to .PLY ASCII or Binary format with support for vertex colors.

Quake III MD3 Importer Public Beta

6 votes

Loads animations. tags. skin files and more. (Max 4.2 compatible)

Quake II .MD2 Importer

8 votes

"gmax script for importing Quake2 .MD2 files. features:

  • Full geometry import
  • Full texture co-ordinate import (but no skins - see Known Issues)
  • Full animation import (select 'Load all frames')
  • "

    Backup save script

    9 votes

    Everytime you save a max scene - this copies the same file in backup directory with incrementing sequence number (adds itself as a post-save callback)


    10 votes

    Imports all the known local formats from any folder to your current scene. To use just select a folder - if it's importable it imports it...

    Google Earth Exporter

    4 votes

    Export Google Earth models from 3D Studio Max 7!

    Kingpin MDX Importer

    13 votes

    "gmax script for importing Kingpin .MDX model files. features:

  • Either single base frame or full animation import
  • Automatic texture import
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