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"The standard View Image File - opens my avi's in mediaplayer7... Even while I binded avi to mediaplayer 6.4 - (in WinXP) - this one will open ANY file to it's corresponding program based on what Window's thinks - not what Max thinks. It also has the open in RAMplayer entry - so that a selected file opens in the RAMplayer without having to open the RAMplayer and then load a file.

Write Ani File

5 votes

Saves tranform animation for selected objects to a text file.

Save 3DS Sequence

4 votes

Exports a set of sequentially numbered 3DS files - from animated objects in MAX.

Mass Export

4 votes

Exports all MAX files in a directory to the specified file type.

Mesh Baker

8 votes

Changes animated mesh modifiers to vertex animation. Useful for game exporting.

Import 3DS Sequence

3 votes

Imports a set of sequentially numbered 3DS files - creating an animated mesh in MAX.

Read Mo Cap Data

3 votes

Need to get some Motion Capture data into Max? This script might help.

Meshes Catalog

9 votes

Meshes Catalogue is a utility making it possible to obtain a label of returned scenes of a repertory in order to visually identify them as with a board contact. It is possible to parameterize the point of view - to carry out one made telegraphic - faceté or textured.


4 votes

Utility Script that takes a bmp file and creates a text file with all the necessary info to rebuild the image in a script. The script output is in the form of (x - y - num of pix in x - color as p3).

Load and Resave All

6 votes

A general purpose script to batch process files. It collects 'filesToProcess='*.max'' files and performs 'processTheScene' which simply saves them as .max files. Modify the script to import and process files as desired. Sub-directories can be included - an

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