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ArchiCAD import wizard

14 votes

ArchiCAD import wizard takes care of your exported ArchiCADâ„¢ geometry. it allows filtering out unwanted objects and cleans up the geometry by welding overlapping vertices - without affecting the shape - or degrading detail quality. it also creates a named selection set for every import step - allowing better scene management.

Kingpin MDX Importer

13 votes

"gmax script for importing Kingpin .MDX model files. features:

  • Either single base frame or full animation import
  • Automatic texture import
  • ReadCSM

    13 votes

    "Import utility for importing generic .CSM (Character Studio Marker) motion capture data as animated point helpers. New: fff"


    12 votes

    Here is a super simple script that will auto open your last saved file when MAX starts up. You can also have it prompt you to open the last file.

    Batch Exporter

    12 votes

    This script export all max files included in a directory and all its sub-directories to a file format choosen by the user.

    PLY Export

    10 votes

    Export utility for exporting editable meshes to .PLY ASCII or Binary format with support for vertex colors.


    10 votes

    Imports all the known local formats from any folder to your current scene. To use just select a folder - if it's importable it imports it...

    Blender Fluid Importer

    10 votes

    A Blender Fluids Importer. Imcluded is the file to export the fluids as an OBJ sequence (not written by me). And the other is the import script. It hasnt been tested on large scenes so use at your own risk.

    View the sample movie here


    9 votes

    This script attempts to fix shapes that will not extrude because they contain multiple splines with coincident verts. This is sometimes the case with imported shapes. Script inspired by a MAXForum post by Scott Dickison to fix imported DXF shapes from ARC/INFO.

    Meshes Catalog

    9 votes

    Meshes Catalogue is a utility making it possible to obtain a label of returned scenes of a repertory in order to visually identify them as with a board contact. It is possible to parameterize the point of view - to carry out one made telegraphic - faceté or textured.

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