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26 votes

"RealSizeTB is made to view and edit exact size of objects - single and grouped . You can scale to exact size on one or all axes without tools or coordinates switching. Interactive. Auto-updating. Simple and easy to use.
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23 votes

Converts copied objects into instances of the original. Note that this is still very much a WIP: there has been minimal testing; there is not UI - etc. Your mileage may vary...

Clever Reset XForm

21 votes

Resets and collapses the XForm of all selected objects whilst attempting to preserve the orientation of their pivot points. Unlike the standard 'ResetXForm' button - this tool can be undone.


7 votes

TiM Script UI Struct


16 votes

Rename the selected objects and preview the changes before committing. Replaced by Renaming Army Knife


12 votes

This script copies the file when opened with all the necessary textures in the specified directory.


11 votes

The ultimate script for people playing with GI engines with their computer in the bedroom :)) AutoShutdown your computer after the rendering. Don't forget to output your rendering to a file and close any other application that requires a 'quit-confirmation.

Procedural Motion Baker

23 votes

This script will convert procedural/hierarchical animation into keyframe animation. Adds support for IK-driven chains (HI - HD and splineIK).

Show Class

7 votes

This program is an assistant tool to program MAXSCRIPT - the 3D Studio MAX integrated language since the version 2. It allows to show all the properties available of one the object of the scene - of the class of object - as a list of SuperClass existing and all the classes that they contain.

Random Select

5 votes

This maxscript allows you to randomly select vertices - faces - and edges of any editable mesh. Highlight the mesh you want and run the maxscript. You can choose a percent of elements you want selected and grow or subtract from your current selection. As in - dial 20% under the vertex rollout - hit select - and you have 20% of the vertices selected for editing.

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