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ACP (Alternate Color Picker) and colorPalette

29 votes

An alternate color picker and color palette manager. So far only a photoshop style color picker is implemented - other types are planned for the future.


8 votes

Walks through the list of selection types. Like All - geometry - lights etc.. I have it binded to alt+- (cycle down) and alt++ (cycle up).


6 votes

Simply sets font type and size and color of the Maxscript listener and the Maxscript interface.


6 votes

Load's all all macroscripts - I used it when not all scripts were loaded properly on startup...


6 votes

Show the graph of f(x) from [-1 --1] to [1 -1]


6 votes

Create bounding volumes for object selections.

Three-Point Orientation

8 votes

Aligns an object to the plane specified by three dummy objects.


6 votes

Modeling aid for surface-subdivisions. This is an elaboration of a free script found on the Internet.

Planarity Tools

6 votes

Set of tools for aligning polygons in a plane. Useful for reducing polygon counts in real-time models.

Mesh Compare

10 votes

Takes two meshes and performs a vertex-by-vertex comparison on them - selecting the vertices in the first mesh that do not correspond to vertices in the second.

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