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Function Collection

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I figured since i got a huge number of functions flying around on my drives that i'd put the most useful into a struct and put it online somewhere so people who might need something don't have to reinvent the wheel.
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have phun

Spline Scatter

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Chunk Generator

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a script i wrote to create randomly generated Ice chunks for a job that I was working on. It still has the modifier stack and is totally changeable.


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Randomly swaps the positions (but not rotation) of selected objects. I use it to save time populating parking lots - by creating groups of identical cars - then running shuffle to get the random distribution.


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"Juggler is a utility script for Max 6 that randomizes different aspects of any object. It can randomize position - rotation - and scale attributes - as well as - object/wire color and the application of materials."

Random select

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Simple tool for random selection objects by percentage or count.

Rat's Nest

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Create a tangle mess with a spline in a random spherical layout.

Variance MultiMaterial V.1.4

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Variance MultiMatreial V1.0

Variance MultiMaterial v.1.4

—-By Kimarotta

—-Created On: 22/05/12
—-Version 1.4



Universal Arrange

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This Script for Arranging Selected Objects in 1 or 2 or 3 Axis . You Can Control the Offset on each Axis and the Number of Rows (When Using 2 or 3 Axis). Notes: Press Right Click on any Axis to Arrange the Objects on this Axis Only.

Version 1.2

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