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3DS Max Multi/Sub-Object Material Browser Script

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When dealing with various bitmaps to be applied on multiple objects (i.e large video walls), this script comes really handy. The purpose is to scroll through the Multi/Sub-Object Material diffuse bitmaps and apply on one or several objects.

Change Log:
v0.9b :

  • Bug Fix.
  • Added icons and macroscript.
  • v0.9a :

  • SubObject Support.
  • Preview before applying.
  • Improved Code and functionality.
  • New features added.
  • .timo - Renamer

    1 vote

    Renamer for 3dsMax

    Renamer allow you to quick Rename one or multiple object using custom settings that is provided

    How to use:

    1. Select Object\s

    2. Fill in requred text

    3. Execute

    Installation: Drop The file in max viewport and go to Customize ==> Customize User Interface ==> Category: .timo ==> .timo Renamer

    Tested on 3ds Max 2015

    3ds max 9 Ambient/Reflective Occlusion Assigner

    8 votes

    This script will only work when the scene renderer is set to Mentalray.The script assigns mentalray Ambient/Reflective occlusion map to ambient channel of the selected objets material. The selected object's material can be multimaterial or standart material other material types are not supported yet.


    12 votes

    Prints the current Active Material Slot Index to the Listener.

    AK-bitmap search by name

    13 votes

    how many times you wish for a search like windows for your bitmaps inside max? so that's it! now you gut one, it goes throw all your materials and founds maps with specified characters; you can type bitmaps exact name or use * sign like windows.

    AndyE Tools v1.0

    36 votes

    Animated Translucency

    6 votes

    This should probably be a version 0.1 but anyway. This builds translucency data for sequences. Multiple object support. Needs jblib and jbfunctions from www.johnburnett.com. Little testing so far - but it works for me:) Note there is a excessive amount of progress bars right now which gives you a lot of screen flashing on light objects. I can reduce this somewhat.

    Arch & Design Overwrite

    7 votes

    This little script allows the user to Overwrite most of the Arch & Design shader properties.

    Architectural Glass

    8 votes

    This is a scripted material plugin that streamlines the process of making architectural glass materials. Includes:
    - Speedy setup of reflection maps with or without nested falloffs and a variety of map types
    - Automatic generation of frosted glass as seen at the top of this page ;)

    Architecture to Standard Material Converter

    4 votes

    This macroscript converts Architectural materials to Standard materials for use with VR exporters that require this setup.

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