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Freelance 3D artist (15 years of XP) specializing in 3D real-time available for work

Hi all,

I'm thus a 3D generalist artist specializing in 3D real-time with 15 years of experience and I'm looking for new opportunities and/or collaborations.

I'm French and I have worked for many prestigious clients in my country as Disneyland Resort, General Directorate of Army, DCNS, Vinci & Bouygues Construction, Total Group, Paris Airports, Texas Instruments, GDF Suez, ...

.obj loss when imported into 3ds max

I have been trying to get some new objects into an nfusion game by using objects exported from XModelExporter as .obj files. I have had them imported into Maya 6 and they show up as perfect but in max they have small parts missing. I need to export them into z3d format and i have a z3d exporter for max written by Jason Zisk from nfusion.
Rather than get a z3d exporter written for Maya i would rather find a way to get the .obj importing better into max.
The fault shows in max before it's exported so it's not the z3d exporter, that is just exporting what is already there.

3ds max .mat file manager(Wanted)! Please help!

Hi all spoters^^
I am having trouble with different render engine material managerment!

3ds Max Coder/Scripter available for scripts/plug-ins development


I can provide you custom scripts and plug-ins for 3ds Max :
- Develop scripts/plugins that can shorten your production time
- Integrate/Implement DirectX Shaders
- Design complex user interfaces (using ActiveX or .Net controls)
- Etc.

3DS Max tool and pipeline scripter - WANTED

- you are an experienced and talented 3Ds Max scripter with creative ideas and solutions
- best case -- with python and dot.net knowledge
- you want to develop tools and scripts to build up a pipeline of an animate feature film in 3D Max
- communications and collaboration (english) are one of your main qualities

If these requirements match your profile, please contact me and add some work samples!!

A great team with feature-film experience want to welcome you -
min. 6 month inhouse work - in our studio in Berlin !

>> 14 Years of 3dsmax - Maxscript Freelancer looking for Jobs

Hi there!

Hope you are looking for at talentet person that can solve you maxscript challenge! Don't worry, you in the right spot.

Just drop me a mail on martinandersen3d mailA gmail.com with the details.

Looking forward to hear from you ;)

Martin Andersen


3+ years esperience with MAXScript, PFlow BirthScirpt operators and Script operators.
VB, MSQL, Access, Lingo, and Dos too. Can do ActionScript if you have deep pockets.

Simple scripts, UI's or plugins.
Per contract/remote or on site by the hour.

Development services: Scripting / Plug-ins / Tools

hi guys,
we provide the development services of graphics tools, 3ds Max and Maya plug-ins, scripting, V-Ray and mental ray shaders, OpengGL/DirectX, GLSL/HLSL/CgFx shaders and other related stuff. I have more then 10yrs of experince working on world famous software like Particle Flow Tools, Hair&Fur, Shave&Haircut, LipService. Ping me if you need to create something special! http://3dgears.com

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Export a list of objects

Hello from Lima, Peru.

I've been looking for a script or a way around this problem for a few weeks now... I need to export a list from 3Ds MAX with the object names in the scene (hopefully in .CSV format for later import to Excel). Anyone got an idea?

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