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3+ years esperience with MAXScript, PFlow BirthScirpt operators and Script operators.
VB, MSQL, Access, Lingo, and Dos too. Can do ActionScript if you have deep pockets.

Simple scripts, UI's or plugins.
Per contract/remote or on site by the hour.



does anyone know how to script the procedure of moving the diffuse map into bump and displace map slot, and also enabling displace and setting the value to 3 ?

that would be awesome!

thanks for any help

Max scripter wanted contact me for details

Max scripter wanted contact me for details

Navisworks Timeliner animation export to 3dsmax

We are looking for a talented Max scripter that can create a solution to export Autodesk Navisworks timeliner animation into 3ds MAX. What we are trying to achieve is to be able to bring in building's construction sequencing animation information from Navisworks into 3dsmax for higher quality renderings/visualization. The workflow would entail an exported XML from Navisworks, and a script that allows MAX to interpret the Navisworks XML data. Also it would be nice for the script to handle updated XML's from Navisworks.

Export a list of objects

Hello from Lima, Peru.

I've been looking for a script or a way around this problem for a few weeks now... I need to export a list from 3Ds MAX with the object names in the scene (hopefully in .CSV format for later import to Excel). Anyone got an idea?

3DS Max tool and pipeline scripter - WANTED

- you are an experienced and talented 3Ds Max scripter with creative ideas and solutions
- best case -- with python and dot.net knowledge
- you want to develop tools and scripts to build up a pipeline of an animate feature film in 3D Max
- communications and collaboration (english) are one of your main qualities

If these requirements match your profile, please contact me and add some work samples!!

A great team with feature-film experience want to welcome you -
min. 6 month inhouse work - in our studio in Berlin !

Freelance Maxscripter

Hi. I am available for scripting jobs. Some years of experience. Most popular Maxscript is the stereoscopic camera 3dhippie_stereocam. But have done a lot more workflow improvement and rigging scripts. some .net experience, too.

my website with showreel (scripting is at the end), www.davidshelton.de/blog/

looking forward to all script requests

Script needed - Paying job

Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone is interested in being paid to make a small script to modify bitmap parameters in the attached image.

I will need the script to be able to modify all the parameters highlighted in red and it will need to work on bitmaps nested inside all the differnt Vray materials & maps such as multi-sub, 2 sided, etc.

Also the ability to easily choose which objects or materials to apply it to

A good example of something similar is VMC by Olly http://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/scripts/vmc-vray-material-control

Thanks for your time

Kind Regards

MAXScripter (Russia)


I like to solve any workflow problems by MAXScript. If you have such problem, i can help you. Making the work of 3d-artist more faster, comfortable and easy is my primal aim.
For example - my best and useful freeware script: PolySpline.

My site: www.scriptattack.com
My e-mail: [email protected]


Dear MaxScript community:

I'm looking for a freelance programmer to write a MaxScript for me as described below. I'll be happy to pay a reasonable fee (preferably through this site if it's allowed -- I'm not sure, I'm new -- or through Elance.com, where the same project is also posted). Any suggestions as to where else I might post this are also greatly appreciated.

I'd like the programmer to generate a MAXSCRIPT script that runs in 3DS Max 2009 that morphs a user-supplied 3D object, as described below.